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By Bryan+ Patrick, AMiA’s director for military affairs and vocational chaplains

The Anglican Mission in America recently launched an important update to our website that highlights our military chaplains—an important part of our mission to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in the United States. I encourage you to take a moment and explore the “Find AMiA Chaplains” page here. When you do, you will see some familiar faces and learn about their past and present service to our country and to Christ in the Army, Air Force and Navy.

We have added this page to our website for several reasons. First, it provides increased visibility for our military chaplains—visibility that we pray bears the fruit of connection. These men currently serve across the country in Nebraska, Alabama, California and South Carolina. They move often, some are deployed frequently and all of them would be grateful for and encouraged by your prayers, your care and your support. Maybe you feel led to connect on a more personal level; perhaps your small group would like to send a care package to their family; or possibly your church might want to “adopt” one of these chaplains and their family and explore ways that the chaplain and your church could mutually serve and encourage one another.

Second, we want our mission society to know more about this significant aspect of our life and ministry together. The AMiA seeks to raise up and provide ongoing support to three-stream Anglican leaders who are called to serve as military chaplains in the United States armed forces. Our chaplaincy program has four goals:

  • Connect – Continually reinforce the connection between military chaplains and the Anglican Mission
  • Resource – Tangibly invest in and resource the ministries and marriages of our military chaplains
  • Call – Provide a clear path for new and existing clergy to discern and pursue a calling to military chaplaincy
  • Transition – Facilitate a chaplain’s transition from military chaplaincy into a new season of fruitful ministry

Third, we want those discerning a call to military chaplaincy in our congregations and communities to know that the Anglican Mission in America is a community where that calling can be lived into. The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few; and there are many opportunities to serve as a military chaplain, whether through full-time active duty or part-time in the Reserve.

If, after reading this and viewing the new webpage, you want to connect with one of our military chaplains or take the next step in exploring your own calling to chaplaincy, please reach out to me at

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