The Anglican Mission in America Leadership

The leadership of The Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) is simply constructed so as to keep the mission of AMiA central, raising, releasing and encouraging three- stream Anglican leaders, planters and communities of faith to reach the lost.

As a people of shared vision and values, mission is what we do, and society is how we organize.

We are an Anglican Society of Mission and Apostolic Works operating under a constitution, statutes and theological vision that orders our common life, giving direct ecclesiastical authority of the Anglican Mission in America to the Lead Bishop. Assisting the Lead Bishop in maintaining the vison and mission of AMiA is the Staff, Council of Bishops, Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

The AMiA Leadership


The Rt. Rev. Philip H. Jones, Lead Bishop

Mike Blanchat, Chairman of the Board, Executive Director

The Very Rev. Dr. Allen Hughes, Director of Leadership Development

The Very Rev. Canon Ryan Owsley, The Very Rev. Bryan Patrick, Directors of Ecclesiastical Affairs
Canon for Ecclesiastical Affairs,

Jen Hendrick, Assistant to the Lead Bishop

Nan Nietert, Assistant to the Director of Leadership Development

Beka LeMaster, Assistant to the Directors of Ecclesiastical Affairs


The Very Rev. Bryan Patrick, Director for Military Affairs and Chaplains

Department of Defense Endorsing Agent for the AMiA,
Regional Vicar for the AMiA Vocational Chaplains
appointed as the endorser for the Department of Defense for our AMiA Military Chaplains, to provide guidance and support for both military and vocational chaplains and to work with Ecclesiastical Affairs in all matters pertaining to military and chaplaincies.


The Lead Bishop designates and leads a Council of Bishops who advise on theological issues affecting the Society; provide for ongoing pastoral care and formation of AMiA clergy; and ordain, confirm, and carry out other episcopal duties as necessary.

The Rt. Rev. Philip Jones, Missionary Bishop, Lead Bishop of the AMiA

The Rt. Rev. Alexander Greene, Bishop Emissary to the Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania

Bishops Emeritus

The Rt. Rev. John Hewitt Rodgers, Jr. (Deceased 1930-2022)
Missionary Bishop, Co-founder of the Anglican Mission in America

The Rt. Rev. Charles H Murphy, III (Deceased, 1947-2018)
Missionary Bishop, Co-founder of the Anglican Mission in America


The Lead Bishop heads a Leadership Team that provides spiritual oversight and strategic direction for the AMiA.

The Rt. Rev. Philip Jones

Mr. Mike Blanchat

The Rev. Robert Cook

The Very Rev. Allen Hughes

The Rev. Michael Murphy

The Very Rev. Ryan Owsley

The Very Rev. Bryan Patrick


As a 501(c)(3), the Anglican Mission is advised by a Board of Directors who help ensure legal compliance and fiscal responsibility for the AMiA.

The Rt. Rev. Philip Jones

Mr. Mike Allen

Mr. Mike Blanchat

Dr. Tom Kingman

The Rev. Michael Murphy

Mr. Rob Shafer



The Anglican Mission in America is in partnership with a body of like-minded Anglican Bishops and Archbishops who graciously serve the Anglican Mission by providing wise counsel, prayer, encouragement, and a relational connection with our global Anglican family.  Our Mission Partners are committed to bless, encourage, and support the Anglican Mission in America to do the work of evangelism, make disciples, develop leaders, and plant three-stream Anglican churches to reveal the love of Jesus Christ to the lost in America.