AMiA Global Partners

Globally, we partner with others who are committed to encouraging the work of the three streams, Scripture, Sacraments and Spirit through evangelism in planting and growing churches to reach the lost. Our Global Partners are a body of like-minded Anglican Bishops and Archbishops, who graciously serve the Anglican Mission by providing wise counsel, prayer, encouragement, and by giving us a relational connection with our global Anglican family.

AMiA Global Mission Partners

The Rt. Rev. Darlington Bendankeha, Bishop of the Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania

The Rt. Rev. James Min Dein, Bishop of the Diocese of Sittwe, Myanmar

The Most Rev. Masimango Katanda, Bishop of the Diocese of Kindu, Congo

The Rt. Rev. William Bahemuka Mugenyi, Bishop of Boga, Congo

The Rt. Rev. Sospeter Ndenza, Bishop of Kibondo, Tanzania



Anglican Mission Canada(AMiC), The Rt. Rev. Silas Ng, Apostolic Vicar

Anglican Mission International (AMI), The Rt. Rev. Carl Buffington, Prefect

Anglican Mission Haiti (AMH), The Rt. Rev. Burnet Cherisol, Episcopal Vicar