Living Classroom: Refreshment and Transformation

            WHAT WE LEARNED FROM LIVING CLASSROOM   In October AMiA sponsored Living Classroom, a three-day teaching event to equip clergy and lay leaders for the front lines. Living Classroom offered workshops and classes to give participants tools to address questions like "What are other churches doing to grow and [...]

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The Good Soil

Rediscovering the Art of Discipleship Session by Allen+ Hughes, AMiA Director of Leadership Development The good soil of our life is generated through the actions and habits of discipleship. Discipleship is the lifelong pursuit of learning to live a life under the guidance and care of God. We can live a life in which we [...]

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Lenten Reflections: A Place to Be Still

By Anne Ciccoline, Parishioner and Aspirant at Four Winds Anglican Mission, Columbia, TN My life is busy, with many, many things always clamoring for my attention. Many roles and responsibilities place demands on my time and energy. Many voices require listening and response. As I’ve sought to enter into the season of Lent, observing the [...]

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From the Apostolic Vicar: December 2016

This month, our regular post from the Apostolic Vicar comes in the form of a video of Bp. Jones speaking about Winter Conference. Registration information can be found here. Invitation to Winter Conference 2017"You may be wondering, 'can anything good come out of a Winter Conference?' I would say to you the same words that [...]

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New AMIA Clergy Directory

Over the next month, AMIA will be rolling out a new online directory for AMIA clergy. Built through Church Community Builder, the directory will allow clergy to keep their contact information up to date, find contact information for other clergy, and connect with others through groups. The idea for an online directory was first brought [...]

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