Ordinand Bios

Jim Bridgham

Having traveled the world with the military, Chaplain Bridgham is now stationed at the Langley-Eustis Joint Base in Virginia, where he serves as a Wing Chaplain. He is an avid reader, husband and father. Bridgham has felt the call to Holy Orders since 2000 and after cultivating a relationship with Epiphany Fellowship and Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg, has been invited to take the next step within The Anglican Mission in America.

Brit CarpenterĀ 

As a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, returning to Dallas for ordination is a special gift for Brit. He has felt called to the priesthood since his teen years and is now able to step into that calling. He is married and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Otis Bryan Chapell, III

Bryan has been serving under Duncan+ Lanum at St. Thomas the Apostle in Santa Fe, New Mexico for many years. A former Law Enforcement officer, Bryan felt the call to the diaconate several years ago while praying in a chapel in Santa Fe. Upon ordination, Bryan plans to serve the people of St. Thomas the Apostle and serve as a Chaplain Assistan in the New Mexico State Defense Force.


Mark Walz

A native Texan, Mark is ready to return to his hometown, Dallas, Texas later this year. He will serve as the first Church Planting Intern for All Saints Dallas, under the tutelage of Bishop Philip Jones. Having served in full-time ministry for fifteen years, Mark was drawn to The Anglican Mission in America becuase of the three-stream expression of the faith and the opportunities to plant new churches. Mark is married and has three children.

Drew Witt

Drew Witt grew up in the Assemblies of God tradition and has recently made the Anglican Communion his home. Since moving to San Antonio, Texas in 2007, he has helped start two churches. In 2015, Grace Northride and Matt+ Kessler “adopted” Drew and his church plant, Gathering Midtown. Grace Northridge is sponsoring Drew and has helped him discern a call into the Mission as a church planter. Drew is a married father of two.