Resetting our Vision

Anglican Mission in America Lead Bishop Philip Jones encourages us from Psalm 112:7 to “not be afraid of evil news” but instead to reset our vision by looking up.

The Light Has Come

Merry Christmas from the AMiA Leadership Team and Staff

For You This Christmas

By Mark+ Browne, Rector of Christ Church in Midlothian, Virginia I would like you to think of the person here on earth who is the most precious to you. For me it is my wife, Yolie. Now, if you are an animal lover or pet owner, think of the most precious pet you ever had. I think for me it was our golden Labrador, Ronan. In terms of value, how many Ronans do you think Yolie is worth to me? An…

Advent Reflections 2020

By Nowell+ Copley, Rector of All Saints Church, Spartanburg I love a good story—a tale that draws me in from the very beginning, drops me into the lives of the characters and delivers me to surprising and unexpected ends. A story that inextricably links me to its plot and carries me along as if I were being written into the story as well. I love a good story, but I need a great story.

Advent: Building Anticipation

By Shuler+ Griffin, interim minister at Fountain Anglican Even though my family was Anglican, I did not get to attend an Anglican church until I was 8 years old, when we moved into a city. I became an acolyte and always enjoyed the seasons of the Church, but Advent has been my favorite.

Giving thanks, even now

Thoughts from Lead Bishop Philip Jones on giving thanks, even in this difficult time.

From the Lead Bishop: Racial Reconciliation

By +Philip Jones Perhaps you have noticed, as I have, how certain causes or issues will flare up for a time, causing us all get all excited. Many of us get onboard, only to jump into the next concern that catches our attention. For some things, that’s okay. I get it. But there are other issues that deserve our engagement for the long haul. To stay the course, we have to be focused and intentional. We have to say, “I…

Stewards of God’s Gifts

By Bishop Sandy Greene, Interim Senior Pastor at Grace Northridge, San Antonio Soon after I joined the staff of Grace Northridge as a volunteer in 2012, I was delighted to experience a team-building retreat led by the Rev. Terry Walling. Though there was discussion about many things, I remember best the way that Terry had each of us take the CliftonStrengthsFinder test. He then proceeded to instruct us as to how we might forge ourselves into a strong gospel ministry…

Stewardship in COVID-19

By Mike Blanchat, Executive Director of the AMiA and Executive Administrator of All Saints Dallas As we begin to recover from what felt like an endless election season and enter month eight of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to write to you this month with good news: God has been preparing all of us for this season. No matter what is going on with the world, we are sons and daughters of the King, called to joyfully steward his Church…

Fasting and Prayer: Authority and Connection

By Jay+ Wright, Rector of Saint Bartholomew’s in Dallas Fasting is a discipline God’s people have taken up for millennia, but it is not so popular in our current day. I’ve been an Anglican clergyman for a decade now, and fasting has been something I’ve been slow to practice. Maybe it’s my inner perfectionist? Or maybe I really love food? Sure, in Lent it’s easy to fast from social media (don’t we all need this fast more often?), alcohol, TV…