Meet Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling: Winter Conference Plenary Speaker

Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling, Associate Professor of Theology, Northern Seminary Nothing quite gets under Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling’s skin like hearing someone talk about when Jesus “was” human. “Jesus didn’t cease to be human when He ascended into heaven,” explains Dr. Nordling. “He still is human. He’s the most human human there is!” [...]

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From the Apostolic Vicar: September 2017

Dear Friends of the Mission, I am writing today to invite you to Dallas for Winter Conference and Clergy Retreat in January 2018 - Come and see! Go and tell! We are deep into planning our time together and this year God is leading us towards the “How”. What resources do we, as a Society, [...]

Stories From The Pew: BLiSS

"It's easy to feel isolated when you're taking care of little ones...(BLiSS) has transformed my days. I feel like ever since I started attending BLiSS I've realized I can walk with Jesus all throughout my day. So when I'm cleaning the dishes I can talk to him and invite him into that space. And He [...]

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Partner Visits Follow Winter Conference 2017

One of the joys of Winter Conference each year is spending time with our Mission Partners. Both before and after this year's Conference, our partners spent time with various AMiA church families throughout the U.S. Canon Kevin Donlon, Canon for Ecclesiastical and Ecumenical  Affairs, brings us this report of their travels.  (Top row from left) Bishop [...]

Winter Conference 2017 Wrap-Up

The theme of Winter Conference 2017 was "Behold What Comes." Throughout the week, mini-talks focused on making healthy disciples, which lead to healthy leaders, which lead to new works and healthy churches. John+ and Anne Coles talked about the Kingship of Jesus in their plenary talks and what that looks like today. We heard from [...]

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More Than An Envelope: My Ordination Experience

Drew Witt, lead pastor of the Gathering Midtown in San Antonio, TX, was ordained to the diaconate last month at Winter Conference. Following, Drew shares his ordination experience, and what it meant to receive more than an envelope.  Drew Witt with Canon Vithalis Sunzu and Bishop Aaron Kijanjali. I grew up in a well-known [...]

Thank You, Archbishop Yong

The Most Reverend Datuk Yong Ping Chung joined the College of Consulters in 2000, continuing the support of the Province of the Anglican Church of South East Asia. In his work since, Archbishop Yong has tirelessly encouraged and cared for the clergy of the Anglican Mission, and we now thank and honor him as he retires [...]

Interview with Winter Conference Speaker John+ Coles

This year's Winter Conference Speaker is Father John Coles, an Anglican Priest from the UK and former director of New Wine. John+ and his wife Anne will be speaking about the Kingship of Jesus, and what that means for our lives, church, and world. We recently sat down with John+ to ask about the breakthroughs [...]

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