A Posture of Sabbath

By Rev. Chad E. Jarnagin, Founding Rector of Luminous Parish There is an alarm sounding off these days, but many of us are ignoring it. I lament the fact that I allow myself to be extremely busy at times. With email, phone, texts and feeds dinging/ringing, the noise can drown out the “still small voice.” [...]

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Sabbath as Spiritual Formation

By Lyn Baker, Family Ministry Director of All Saints Dallas The Sabbath is as old as creation itself. There was always a Sabbath; before Abraham, before Israel, God created the Sabbath. From the beginning, there was a pause, a time for reflection, a time for worship. On the seventh day God rested from his monumental [...]

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The Counter-Cultural Gift of Sabbath

By Christopher+ Myers, Associate Rector of St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in East Dallas Tim Keller has often remarked that in whatever culture Christianity takes root, the way Christians relate to money, sex and power will always in some sense present a challenge to the culture. I think he is right, but I also think the [...]

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Seven Good Reads on Sabbath Rest

Setting aside time to rest in God is a challenge, especially in a world that idolizes doing and accomplishing. Summer is a great time to take vacations, slow down and detach from the busyness of the rest of the year. This month our blogs and social media posts will provide resources and ideas related to [...]

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Summer Reading Recommendations

By Ethan+ Harrison, Associate Priest, Immanuel Anglican, Destin, FL Here's a good list of good reads for your summer reflection. These books will inform you, inspire you and, quite possibly, change you. The Pastor as Public Theologian by Kevin Vanhoozer and Owen Strachan Up until the Enlightenment, theology was something that was done in and for [...]

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Seeking our Father this Lent

Lent begins next week, and so we begin a series of a blogs to help us prepare for and experience the season in deeper ways. By Robert+ Cook, Rector, St. Andrew’s Little Rock I stand in awe of how the Lord continues to reveal himself to us. He is a Father who reveals himself most [...]

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From the Apostolic Vicar: Return from Sabbatical

I want to thank everyone for their prayers during the past 10 weeks of sabbatical. It has truly been renewing, restoring, reinvigorating and refreshing. Almost any word that begins with "re" aptly describes the sabbatical experience. Claudia and I so appreciate those of you who recommended and encouraged me to take this time away. Return [...]

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Providing Fertile Ground: The Benefit of Coaching During Sabbatical

Sabbatical provides a unique opportunity for clergy to reflect on deep questions in a way that often isn’t possible while serving in full-ministry. As Allen+ Hughes, Counselor General for Leadership Advancement and Mission Stewardship, shares, it’s a time when coaching can serve as a catalyst for breakthrough. As Allen+ looks ahead to taking a sabbatical [...]

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Good Friday: The Bizarre Mission of Surrender

By Robert+ Cook, Rector of St. Andrews Church, Little Rock, AR When I think of Good Friday, the word that most clearly comes to mind is surrender. I hear the echo of Jesus’ words as He prayed this most intimate prayer to His Father: “Abba, Father! All things are possible to you; take this cup [...]

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2018 Winter Conference Wrap UP

Nearly 200 clergy and lay members from AMiA churches joined their guests and others interested in learning more about building three stream Anglican churches and new worshiping communities for Winter Conference 2018. Focused on the theme “Come & See, Go & Tell”, we were encouraged to “Come & See” with fresh eyes, looking at God, [...]

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