NOVO: Spiritual Tools for Empowered Ministry

By Jason+ Radcliff I am a big fan of spiritual classics. The Philokalia, The Way of the Pilgrim, The Celebration of Discipline, St. Augustine’s Prayer Book (to name just a few) are all shelved centrally on my bookshelf. I return to these classics again and again when I want tangible and practical steps I can take to focus and energize my prayer life. I also love the classic prayer tools: the Orthodox prayer rope for the Jesus Prayer, the Rosary…

The Novo Experience: Spiritual Authority Cohorts

As we look at fall activities, The Anglican Mission strongly encourages individuals and churches to participate in Novo. In this video, Mark Thrash, Director of Resource Development and Strategic Initiatives for Novo Ministries, explains the whys and hows of  Spiritual Authority Cohorts. Also, Novo is offering a Cohort Preview Call on September 8th where you can get a taste of what Cohorts are like and hear from Novo staff, Stephen Castellow, as he shares why it’s so important for believers…

Holy Spirit: Leaning into More

Robert+ Cook of St. Andrew’s in Little Rock shares his personal journey in understanding the role of the Holy Spirit.

Book Discussion: The Good Soil

Rev. Dr. Allen Hughes, Director of Leadership Development in AMiA and author of The Good Soil, is interviewed by Dustin+ Messer of All Saints Dallas about the book and the process of discipleship.

Mind the Gap: A Ministry of the Holy Spirit

David+ Larlee, rector of St. Bartholomew’s in Dallas, shares ways the Holy Spirit fills in the gap between our minds and our hearts.

Book Review: Parenting in the Pew

By Robin Turner of All Saints Dallas Too often, children (and their parents!) get the impression that going to church is about not doing things: don’t move, don’t make noise, don’t distract, don’t be impatient, don’t bother your sister. Sunday worship ends, and children and parents leave feeling frustrated, embarrassed and unfulfilled. Robbie Castleman’s short, practical book, Parenting in the Pew, provides insight for parents about how to break this cycle of discouragement and embrace the weekly opportunity to welcome…

Positive Psychology and the Gospel  

By Rev. Michael Lessard, CEO of Pastoral Care Associates A movement of philosophical and psychological thought has gained a pervasive hold on the media, politics, education, religion and corporate America. It is called Positive Psychology and our culture is swimming in it. It was first promoted by Martin Seligman as a response to the model of mental illness and therapy that, until the 1990s, focused on treatment and ongoing medical and therapeutic interventions (Seligman & Csikszentmihali, 2000). Seligman wanted to…

Remembering is Key to Renewal

By Dustin+ Messer,  All Saints Dallas When you feel spiritually stale and lost, remember the time in which you were first found by God. Today, many Christians feel lost. The world feels new and scary. This feeling of disorientation—personal, cultural—is nothing new for God’s people. The Prophet Jeremiah knew this feeling all too well. He was living in a time of cultural upheaval and societal injustice. Does that sound familiar? Personally, he felt betrayed and isolated—he never married because God…

This Changes Everything!

By The Rev. Dr. Jay+ Wright, Associate Priest, All Saints Dallas The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. It has reoriented history, the world and the entire created order, and it changes us, too. That’s why we take 50 days to celebrate resurrection. That’s why we keep shouting “Alleluia!” That’s why we meet every Sunday: because resurrection has changed everything.

Lent and the Gospel of Suffering

by Deacon Lyn Baker In the popular mind, Lent is associated with penitence. There is a tradition of “giving up” something we enjoy. In my case, this is definitely food. On Ash Wednesday this year, I decided that I would fast for the noon meal. This is not heroic, I know. By dinnertime I was ravenous. As I ate the chicken noodle soup, my whole body relaxed in gratitude. I was more grateful than ever for the gift of food….