Coffee with a Friend: Chad Jarnagin

In the spring of 2010, a group of Christian artists, speakers, communicators, worship leaders, and ministers found themselves in need of a space where they didn't need to be experts and could just be. This group of people, who routinely were keynote speakers for other conferences, formed the "Luminous Project," a retreat dedicated to contemplative [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Caleb Miller

Father Caleb Miller delivers a mini-talk on Liturgy at Winter Conference 2017. To view his talk, visit our YouTube page. The first time Caleb Miller and his wife visited an Anglican church together, Caleb told her: " the people will be nice, we'll get to take communion, and the sermon will probably be [...]

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Coming Home: My Ordination Experience

Written by: Mark Walz Mark Walz and his wife, Cate, pose for a picture with Bishop Philip and Claudia Jones after the January ordination. A few short days after meeting my wife, I knew she was the one for me. Even if she took some convincing, I knew that it would only be [...]

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Stories From the Pew: Pamela’s Story

"The question that was pounding in my head was: if I cannot take care of my family, then what's the point? Why am I here? How come I survived? What good am I?" In May 2014, Pamela, a member of St. Andrew's Little Rock, suffered a brain stem stroke. At this year's Winter Conference, Pamela [...]

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More Than An Envelope: My Ordination Experience

Drew Witt, lead pastor of the Gathering Midtown in San Antonio, TX, was ordained to the diaconate last month at Winter Conference. Following, Drew shares his ordination experience, and what it meant to receive more than an envelope.  Drew Witt with Canon Vithalis Sunzu and Bishop Aaron Kijanjali. I grew up in a well-known [...]

Coffee with a Friend: Rev. Seth Richardson

Tell us a little about yourself. I am priest at St. Andrew’s Church Little Rock where I serve as the “pastor of discipleship.” My wife, Caralisa, and I have lived here for 5 years. We have a daughter named Ruthie. I’m also currently a DMin student in Contextual Theology at Northern Seminary. If I’m not [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Rev. Joshua Siu

Rev. Joshua Siu is the director of the English Ministry at Richmond Emmanuel Church in Richmond, British Columbia. Tell us a little about yourself. I'm married to Rachel and we have three wonderful girls: Tabitha (5), Madelyn (3), and Chloe (1). We're originally from Toronto, but after responding to the call of the Holy Spirit, [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Cindy Miller

Deacon Miller and her family at the Grand Canyon This month, we sat down for coffee and a chat with Deacon Cindy Miller of Christ the King Anglican Church (CTK) in San Jose. Miller is married to Brian, has two teenagers, and has been a member of CTK since 1992. Miller faithfully served [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Peter Klenner

Reverend Peter Klenner and his wife, Jenny At Winter Conference, we sat down for coffee and a chat with the Reverend Peter Klenner, pastor of All Saints Community Church in White Rock, British Columbia. Fr. Klenner and his wife, Jenny, are from Australia, where he served as Executive Director for Youth For Christ, [...]

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Three Streams Converged

Ryan Flanigan, Minister of Worship Arts at All Saints Dallas, will be leading worship at Winter Conference 2016. In this post, Flanigan shares his vision for worship as well as how he found his way into the Anglican Mission.  Ryan Flanigan and his wife Melissa. I was born in 1979 into an Irish Catholic family [...]