The Role of Deacon: A Call to Servanthood

When does the call to believe and follow Christ happen? In childhood? In the midst of a traumatic event? At the time of transition? Yes, yes, yes. It happens to each person uniquely and can come at any time, in the midst of any situation. Lyn Baker’s call to Christ was dramatic and instantaneous. It [...]

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Partnering in a Christ-Centered Endeavor

After growing up Catholic and working in Baptist and non-denominational churches for several years, Mark+ Walz of All Saints Dallas was introduced to Anglicanism through his wife’s family. Last spring, as a newly ordained deacon, Mark+ shared how discovering The Anglican Mission and the three streams felt like coming home. Since then his sense of [...]

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Waiting on the Lord: My Ordination Experience

"We reviewed your application, and you're worthless." It was 2010 and Jim Bridgham was on the phone with a recruiter for an Active Duty Air Force Chaplaincy position, his dream job. "You're worthless," the recruiter repeated. This was the second year the Bridgham had applied for the position. A few years later, he applied one [...]

Coming Home: My Ordination Experience

Written by: Mark Walz Mark Walz and his wife, Cate, pose for a picture with Bishop Philip and Claudia Jones after the January ordination. A few short days after meeting my wife, I knew she was the one for me. Even if she took some convincing, I knew that it would only be [...]

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More Than An Envelope: My Ordination Experience

Drew Witt, lead pastor of the Gathering Midtown in San Antonio, TX, was ordained to the diaconate last month at Winter Conference. Following, Drew shares his ordination experience, and what it meant to receive more than an envelope.  Drew Witt with Canon Vithalis Sunzu and Bishop Aaron Kijanjali. I grew up in a well-known [...]

Canada’s National Summit

Later this month, from September 28 - October 1, the Anglican Mission in Canada will be hosting their annual National Summit. Jericho Road Church in Port Alberni, British Columbia, will be the host site, and they are looking forward to hosting numerous bishops and archbishops from around the world. Retired Archbishop Yong of Southeast Asia [...]

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Reflections on Ordination

As the son of a pastor in the Anglican Church, I knew three things: I will never be a pastor. I will never be ordained in the Anglican Church. I will create my own path and never follow in my dad's footsteps. I guess this is why we should never say never to God. By [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Cindy Miller

Deacon Miller and her family at the Grand Canyon This month, we sat down for coffee and a chat with Deacon Cindy Miller of Christ the King Anglican Church (CTK) in San Jose. Miller is married to Brian, has two teenagers, and has been a member of CTK since 1992. Miller faithfully served [...]

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His Grace is Sufficient: An Update from the Dunkwa-On-Offin Diocese, Ghana

Canon Kevin Donlon, AMIA’s Canon for Ecclesiastical Affairs, recently traveled to the Dunkwa-On-Offin Diocese in Ghana. In this update, he shares about their recent synod and some of the ways God is at work in the Diocese:   On November 27-29, the Diocese of Dunkwa-On-Offin held its second Biennial Synod with the theme “His grace [...]

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Bishop Silas Ng Attends Installation of the 6th Bishop of Sabah

The Anglican Mission’s global influence continued to grow as one of its bishops received a personal invitation to the consecration of the 6th Bishop of Sabah in the Anglican Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia. On May 19, the Rt. Rev. Silas Ng and his wife Michelle had the privilege of attending the Rt. Rev. Melter Jiki [...]

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