Apolo2/Musa Formation Program 2017

Last month, 11 members of the Anglican Mission traveled to Gisenyi, Rwanda and Kagera, Tanzania for the third installment of the Apolo2 and Musa formation programs. Each program took place over the course of a week, offering clergy members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania the opportunity for further theological training as [...]

Practical and Sacramental Meet: Reflections on Apolo2

Written by Bishop Carl Buffinton. The Apolo2 2017 team. Bishop Carl is in the first row, second from the left.  I stared out the open window watching curve after curve take its turn and toll on my dozing. We were winding our way to Gisenyi. This was my third visit there for Apolo2, [...]

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From the Apostolic Vicar: +Kevin Donlon Consecration

Dear friends of the Mission, The Anglican Missions in America and in Canada are contacted frequently by people, both locally and globally, who are excited and curious about our structure, a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works, and want to learn more about our vision, to raise, release and support leaders and communities of faith [...]

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Partner Visits Follow Winter Conference 2017

One of the joys of Winter Conference each year is spending time with our Mission Partners. Both before and after this year's Conference, our partners spent time with various AMiA church families throughout the U.S. Canon Kevin Donlon, Canon for Ecclesiastical and Ecumenical  Affairs, brings us this report of their travels.  (Top row from left) Bishop [...]

Thank You, Archbishop Yong

The Most Reverend Datuk Yong Ping Chung joined the College of Consulters in 2000, continuing the support of the Province of the Anglican Church of South East Asia. In his work since, Archbishop Yong has tirelessly encouraged and cared for the clergy of the Anglican Mission, and we now thank and honor him as he retires [...]

A Youth Retreat of Worship and Mission

Though the 2017 Winter Conference is coming up soon, this week, Three Streams decided to profile other goings on--even if it is another retreat--around the Mission, choosing to focus on the youth ministry at New Covenant Anglican Church in Winter Springs, Florida. Last week was their youth retreat which included much of what you'd expect: [...]

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Experiencing the Joy of the Lord in Kinsasha 

Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg reflects on his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend the enthronement of the new Archbishop Masimango Katanda. I arrived back safely Monday, Sept. 12, after a whirlwind trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend the enthronement of the new Archbishop Masimango Katanda. Isaiah 40:31 says, “They that [...]

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The Mission India

Though much has been written lately about the stories of the Anglican Mission in North America and Africa, our ministry partners are spread over even more continents and cultures, specifically India. In Hanumangarth, India, is an abbey. Here, led by the Rev. Ivan Sikha, it acts as a community center providing training, teaching, worship, cooking, [...]

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A Spirit for Mission

For nearly three years, All Saints Anglican Church in Newport, North Carolina, has been supporting a group called Spirit for Mission (SFM)—a not-for-profit ministry designed to develop new Christian ministries and educate new ministers to serve them. With a strong missionary focus and a cross-denominational vision, SFM has partnered with congregations across Eastern North Carolina, [...]

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A Testimony from the Congo

DeMaret Cheney reflects on her experience in Africa with a team from the Anglican Mission aiding in educating and encouraging clergy. For more details on the trip as a whole, click here. In the late 1800s, Ugandan missionary Apolo Kivebulaya was the principal pioneer of the Anglican church in what is now The Democratic Republic of the Congo. He shared the [...]

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