Coffee with a Friend: Bishop Sandy Greene

Bishop Sandy Greene with Deacon Brit Carpenter, Bishop Aaron Kijanjali, and Deacon Drew Witt at Britt and Drew's ordination service For Bishop Sandy Greene, success is measured by how many leaders he is able to mentor and encourage. "If I had a plaque on my wall that had names and dates on it, [...]

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From the Apostolic Vicar: +Kevin Donlon Consecration

Dear friends of the Mission, The Anglican Missions in America and in Canada are contacted frequently by people, both locally and globally, who are excited and curious about our structure, a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works, and want to learn more about our vision, to raise, release and support leaders and communities of faith [...]

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Coffee with a Friend: Chad Jarnagin

In the spring of 2010, a group of Christian artists, speakers, communicators, worship leaders, and ministers found themselves in need of a space where they didn't need to be experts and could just be. This group of people, who routinely were keynote speakers for other conferences, formed the "Luminous Project," a retreat dedicated to contemplative [...]

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Thank You, Archbishop Yong

The Most Reverend Datuk Yong Ping Chung joined the College of Consulters in 2000, continuing the support of the Province of the Anglican Church of South East Asia. In his work since, Archbishop Yong has tirelessly encouraged and cared for the clergy of the Anglican Mission, and we now thank and honor him as he retires [...]

The 2016 Mission Clergy Retreat

From October 18-20, roughly eighty clergy from around the Anglican Mission came together at Christ Church in Nashville, Tennessee, for the annual clergy retreat. They enjoyed three days of speaking, prayer, and sharing stories from throughout the Mission. On Tuesday night, Christ Church Nashville blessed those in attendance with wonderful music from their choir to [...]

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Experiencing the Joy of the Lord in Kinsasha 

Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg reflects on his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend the enthronement of the new Archbishop Masimango Katanda. I arrived back safely Monday, Sept. 12, after a whirlwind trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend the enthronement of the new Archbishop Masimango Katanda. Isaiah 40:31 says, “They that [...]

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Canada’s National Summit

Later this month, from September 28 - October 1, the Anglican Mission in Canada will be hosting their annual National Summit. Jericho Road Church in Port Alberni, British Columbia, will be the host site, and they are looking forward to hosting numerous bishops and archbishops from around the world. Retired Archbishop Yong of Southeast Asia [...]

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Partnering to Train Leaders Globally

Being a missionary society, it is important that the Anglican Mission in America remains in relationship with our Mission Partners overseas. In doing this, we are uniquely positioned to serve the church both locally in our parishes and globally through our Mission Partners, especially in Africa and Asia. One of the ways we serve is [...]

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Esteemed Chaplain and Mission Ambassador Retires

A preeminent chaplain endorsed by The Mission, Chaplain Colonel Michael Grubbs retired in January after 32 years of service as a chaplain in the United States Air Force. Most recently Grubbs was Wing Chaplain at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita County, Texas, responsible for the spiritual welfare of 75,000 Army, Marine, Navy and Air [...]

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