A Heart for the Homeless

It is estimated that more than a half a million Americans are homeless on any given night.* How can the Church respond to such a large need? Desert Mission Anglican Church in Phoenix started by considering how to love well the 5,600 homeless in Maricopa County, Arizona. The church learned that through partnership with I-HELP [...]

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Extraordinary Lives: Loving God in a Big Way

Despite our best efforts to welcome all into our churches, for many families impacted by disabilities, church is an uncomfortable place. In fact, some avoid it altogether. But, at St. Andrew’s in Little Rock, young people with special needs have a place where they belong in a community created just for them. Church member Kay [...]

Stories From The Pew: BLiSS

"It's easy to feel isolated when you're taking care of little ones...(BLiSS) has transformed my days. I feel like ever since I started attending BLiSS I've realized I can walk with Jesus all throughout my day. So when I'm cleaning the dishes I can talk to him and invite him into that space. And He [...]

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Serving a Displaced Community

On August 6 The Central Florida Refugee Ministry, directed by Fr. Gabriel Ipasu of the Anglican Mission, held the 2nd Annual Back to School Celebration, during which over fifty backpacks filled with school supplies were donated for the children of the ministry.  Although a beautiful picture of the ministry, handing out backpacks is far from [...]

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Serving Muslims in Florida

There are thousands of Muslims living around Tampa Bay, Florida, and Christ the King Anglican Church in nearby Ocala is seeking to love and serve them. They are partnering with a group called Tampa Muslim Outreach to help carry out their mission: “to help churches and individuals share the love of Christ with Muslims in [...]

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Friendship and the Kingdom of God

Fun is not normally an agenda item at a conference. It often gets put off to the side, relegated to the dustbin. Not so at the Anglican Mission in Canada’s National Conference. Front and center, on the very first day, was a scavenger hunt in the nearby town of Steveston, British Columbia. Before anything else—even [...]

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Welcoming the Stranger

When *Mary came out of the MRI machine, she looked terrified. Father Gabriel Ipasu of New Covenant Church had accompanied her to the appointment and asked her what was wrong. “I heard gunshots,” Mary told him. Mary, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was hesitant at first to tell her Doctor what she heard, [...]

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All Saints East: Watching and Responding

  “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27 November 1, 2015, was a long awaited day for Father Jay Wright. On that day, more than 60 adults and 40 children gathered to worship, receive the Eucharist, witness two baptisms, and celebrate the launch of weekly worship [...]

Being the Church: Snack Pak 4 Kids

Members of Grace Northridge Church assemble summer snack packs in their new church building. In 2011, if you’d asked Leslie Kingman, a member of Grace Northridge Church in San Antonio, how she was doing on community outreach, she would tell you she was doing pretty well. “In my old way of thinking, outreach [...]

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God in the Dorms: Equipping Leaders at GCU

When I sat down to interview Nathan Hale a few weeks ago, I expected to hear some good stories. Hale is, after all, a missionary kid that grew up in West Africa, a deacon and worship leader at Desert Mission Anglican Church, and a staff member in the Spiritual Life Department at Grand Canyon University [...]

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