Apostolic Vicar Lends a Hand at Parish Garage Sale Ministry

“When will he get here?” wondered several parishioners at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Syracuse, New York. For weeks, they’d been anticipating Apostolic Vicar Philip Jones’ special visit to their church’s weekly garage sale ministry. They didn’t realize that very Thursday afternoon, they had been working alongside the incognito bishop—moving furniture, unpacking boxes and putting [...]

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Couple Weds During St. Simon’s Sunday Service

On Sunday morning, April 12, love was in the air at St. Simon’s North Vancouver. Parishioners doubled as wedding guests as The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird had the privilege of joining a couple in holy matrimony during the regular worship service. “Many people attending weddings miss the fact that they are meant to be acts [...]

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New Bishop Emissaries Consecrated

On May 2 near Orlando, Florida, the Very Rev. Gerry Schnackenberg and the Very Rev. Carl Buffington were consecrated as Bishop Emissaries from the Dioceses of Boga and Kibondo. The Mission’s Partner Bishops performed the consecrations at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in the presence of the College of Consultors, following the process of The Mission’s Constitution and [...]

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The Spirit’s Presence in Word and Sacrament

In the first of a series of posts exploring the essential nature of God the Holy Spirit in Anglican Christianity, Hannah Coyne of Saint Peter’s Church proposes a cogent interplay between Spirit and symbol.  One of the reasons I am drawn to Anglicanism—that I stick with Anglicanism—is because I am a lover of words and symbols. Our liturgy is full [...]

Mozart’s Secret to Living the Easter Life

We've celebrated Easter—now what? The Rev. Brad Mathias of Four Winds Mission shares how Mozart discovered an insight that allowed him to fully embrace life.  I recently heard a great sermon on XM Radio’s family talk channel. The preacher shared about Mozart, who was quoted at one time to say…“The secret to life is accepting death" (my paraphrase). The story goes that Mozart attributed [...]

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Rethinking Slothfulness

Can a busy, productive person also be a sloth? In the fourth post in a Lenten series on the seven deadly sins, Lucas Damoff contends that extreme busyness—rather than rest—is a sign of real slothfulness.  A mentor of mine, who was a long time pastor, once told me a story from a time he went to a pastor’s conference. [...]

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Esteemed Chaplain and Mission Ambassador Retires

A preeminent chaplain endorsed by The Mission, Chaplain Colonel Michael Grubbs retired in January after 32 years of service as a chaplain in the United States Air Force. Most recently Grubbs was Wing Chaplain at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita County, Texas, responsible for the spiritual welfare of 75,000 Army, Marine, Navy and Air [...]

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Life, Death and the Annunciation

 With the help of a famous painting, Hannah Coyne of Saint Peter's Church studies how the themes of life and death are held in tension on the Feast of the Annunciation.  Several years ago, I escaped the heat of a sweltering July day in Madrid by wandering the galleries of the Prado Museum. Surrounded by Picassos and [...]

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A Hidden Leprosy of the Heart

In the third post in our Lenten series on the seven deadly sins, the Rev. David Larlee tackles the insidious nature of greed.  Take some time to read 2 Kings 5:1-27, if you haven't lately. It is the gripping account of a Syrian General healed by an Israeli Holy Man (at least that's how it would [...]

The Most/Least Popular Sin

Lucas Damoff investigates the attitude of gluttony in the second post of a Lenten series examining the seven deadly sins. In 2013, the French electronica duo Daft Punk released a trailer for their upcoming album at the Coachella music festival. Anticipation was high, as they had not released any new material since 2005. The story goes that Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and [...]