Of Pubs and Theology

The Dallas Observer this week posted a lengthy story about beer and theology--Bible studies and fellowship happening around town with increasing regularity in pubs. To read their story, click here. Though surprising to many, gathering in pubs around town has become a consistent part of ministry for churches like All Saints Dallas. This summer, the theme [...]

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Serving Muslims in Florida

There are thousands of Muslims living around Tampa Bay, Florida, and Christ the King Anglican Church in nearby Ocala is seeking to love and serve them. They are partnering with a group called Tampa Muslim Outreach to help carry out their mission: “to help churches and individuals share the love of Christ with Muslims in [...]

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A Songwriter’s Retreat

“Every movement actually moves on sound waves, and the modern liturgical renewal is no different.” In a 24-hour period from June 17-18, Ryan Flanigan—the worship leader at All Saints Dallas—hosted 20 songwriters from Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas in Dallas for a songwriters retreat. There were no speakers, no lectures on how to write songs; [...]

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A Time of Prayer and Sacrament

Throughout the Anglican Mission in Canada’s National Conference, Bishop Silas Ng invited those in attendance to join the host church in meeting for prayer. "Having 142 people at the 9am Saturday prayer meeting with the Richmond Emmanuel church family was greatly encouraging,” said Rev. Ed Hird, rector of St. Simon’s Church in North Vancouver, British [...]

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Remembering and Celebrating: 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness to St. Andrew’s Church, Little Rock

Displayed within an urn in the narthex of St. Andrew’s Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, is a stack of stones. Inscribed below are biblical references to the Israelites’ commemoration of the crossing of the Jordan River in Joshua 4, praise of God’s continuing provision in Psalm 121, and the direction and promise of Jesus Christ [...]

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“The Holy Spirit and Us”: Reaching Dallas Through Spirit-Filled Community

Since All Saints Dallas was founded in 2010, Alpha courses have played an integral part in helping people find community, welcome, and hospitality. For the last few years, Father Jay Wright has led the Alpha program with good humor and a servant’s heart. In preparation to lead a church plant in East Dallas, Wright has [...]

Fwd: In Prayer

Margaret Hesford, member of Anglican Church of the Word in South Florida, is no stranger to hard work. In her life she has been a wife, mother, grandmother, corporate attorney, and adjunct professor. But if you ask her what the hardest work there is, she’ll tell you it is prayer. “I’ll be the first to [...]

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Toronto Church Completes First Building Phase on Senior Condo Complex

Toronto Emmanuel Church in Toronto, Ontario, has completed the first phase of construction on a $150 million senior housing project that will establish a holistic mission field in the city. A decade in the making, the Vintage Garden campus will include a new church building and a community center designed to encourage the spiritual and [...]

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All Saints Dallas Hosts Mark Meynell and Jack DeGrenier

On May 12 the staff of All Saints Dallas had the pleasure of hosting Mark Meynell of All Souls Langham Place and Jack DeGrenier of Langham Partnership. Over lunch Mark discussed his recently released book, A Wilderness of Mirrors: Trusting Again in a Cynical World. We had a great time talking about the ways in [...]

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Beer and Theology Events Draw A Crowd

Each Wednesday during June, an eclectic group of Dallas residents will sip on pints at The Ginger Man Lakewood, a pub in East Dallas, while learning about their role as engagers and co-creators of culture. These summer Beer and Theology events are sponsored by All Saints Dallas to share the gospel in their community and [...]

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