Stories From The Pew: Christopher’s Story

“In this new season, Christopher, you’re not alone. The Lord wants to satisfy your hunger.” These words were spoken over Christopher Benson, a member of All Saints East Dallas, at his confirmation last month. Christopher teaches Literature at the Cambridge School of Dallas and has been a attending All Saints East Dallas for the last [...]

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Getting Unstuck: An Interview with Father Jay Wright

A few years into his Worship Director and Assistant Pastor role at All Saints Dallas, Father Jay Wright found himself feeling stuck. "I felt stuck in a particular leadership situation," explained Wright+. "I initially talked to my rector, Bishop Philip Jones, about it. In the course of our conversation, he helped me see that in [...]

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Stories From The Pew: BLiSS

"It's easy to feel isolated when you're taking care of little ones...(BLiSS) has transformed my days. I feel like ever since I started attending BLiSS I've realized I can walk with Jesus all throughout my day. So when I'm cleaning the dishes I can talk to him and invite him into that space. And He [...]

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Liturgical Folk

In June 2016, we profiled Ryan Flanigan, the worship leader at All Saints Dallas, and his desire to cultivate songwriting through retreats (you can find that post here). Ryan, though, in addition to all that, has found the time and the musical partner to set him on yet another pursuit: Liturgical Folk. Liturgical Folk is [...]

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Breaking New Ground

Just before Christmas, Christ the King Anglican Church in Ocala, Florida, announced that it would be breaking ground on a new church building immediately adjacent to Grace Christian School. The Rev. Donald J. Curran Jr., senior pastor at Christ the King, is the chaplain of the school. Up until now, the church has been co-located with Living [...]

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Advent Around the Mission

As this Advent season draws to a close, we would like to profile, albeit briefly, the numerous ways some of our member churches are serving and loving their communities. Grace Northridge in San Antonio, Texas, once again reached out to Lamar Elementary School, this time by creating the Loving Lamar Christmas Store. They not only [...]

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A Youth Retreat of Worship and Mission

Though the 2017 Winter Conference is coming up soon, this week, Three Streams decided to profile other goings on--even if it is another retreat--around the Mission, choosing to focus on the youth ministry at New Covenant Anglican Church in Winter Springs, Florida. Last week was their youth retreat which included much of what you'd expect: [...]

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Sparks of Redemptive Grace

Our post this week is a book review from Rev. David Larlee, Associate Pastor of All Saints Dallas. The book, Sparks of Redemptive Grace, was written under a pen name by a member of his congregation. I wish this little book had been published many years ago when our extended family was trying to support [...]

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Reaching Across Generations

Recently, the Rt. Rev. Philip Jones led our clergy in considering the relationship between millennials and the church. As our member churches are diverse in geography and context, this discussion roused various creative and different ways of interacting with young adults within the church. Fr. Scott Davis of Grace Church in Fairhope, Alabama, shared his experience. He [...]

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Faithful Growth on Pawley’s Island

It has been quite the busy summer on the Carolina coast! The Abbey at Pawley's Island has moved into a beautiful new building which was dedicated and consecrated back in April. Barely a year ago--last August--Bishop Murphy led his congregation through a special litany to bless and give thanks for the new chapel that was [...]

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