Living Classroom: Joyous Fellowship

            WHAT WE LEARNED FROM LIVING CLASSROOM   In October AMiA sponsored Living Classroom, a three-day teaching event to equip clergy and lay leaders for the front lines. Living Classroom offered workshops and classes to give participants tools to address questions like "What are other churches doing to grow and [...]

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When to Pray, When to Parent and When to Refer Out: Reflections on Family Mental Health

By Morgan Myers, LPC Intern, parishioner at St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in East Dallas As a child I was always highly sensitive and sometimes melancholy. I was shy (terrified of social situations), anxious and a worrier. I had long seasons of sadness when I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I felt trapped. I didn’t [...]

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Mental Health as Mission

When an individual or family faces a mental health crisis, often they turn first to their faith community for help and support. It’s important, therefore, that AMiA churches become informed and be ready to embrace the opportunity to minister. According to psychologist Dr. Matthew Stanford, co-founder of The Grace Alliance, it is the Church that [...]

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Mental Illness, Prayer and Extravagant Grace

By Catherine P. Downing This blog was previously posted on It is reposted here with permission of the author. I can’t honestly say I am thankful for the mental illness that besets our son. But in full truthfulness I can say I am glad to have been forced to do battle with my theology [...]

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Seeking our Father this Lent

Lent begins next week, and so we begin a series of a blogs to help us prepare for and experience the season in deeper ways. By Robert+ Cook, Rector, St. Andrew’s Little Rock I stand in awe of how the Lord continues to reveal himself to us. He is a Father who reveals himself most [...]

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Who? What? How?

by Mike Blanchat, AMiA Rector General Who? What? How? Answers to those three one-word questions capture the essence of a person, a community, a group. As I’ve applied them to my own life, I have found it’s helpful to revisit both the questions and the answers periodically to reaffirm things that are foundational to me [...]

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Living the Mission Fund

By Mike Blanchat, Rector General for the Anglican Mission in America Friends of the Anglican Mission, Advent greetings in the season of hope, peace, faith, joy and expectation! As we prepare for the coming of our King with anticipation and look forward to Christmas and the new calendar year, I have been much involved these [...]

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Clarity, Purity and Unity Through Adversity

The floodwaters rise around The Abbey at Pawleys Island Hurricane Michael didn’t just pass over Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. It stopped over it, dumping a massive amount of rain on it and the surrounding region. When the storm finally moved on, the danger wasn’t over, however. The Abbey at Pawley’s Island, located on [...]

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Three Streams: A Template for Identity and Worship

Scripture, Spirit and Sacrament form identity for worship. By Aaron Allison, Lead Pastor of The Church at Indian Lake, Hendersonville, Tennessee The Church at Indian Lake (CIL) is in Hendersonville, Tennessee, a growing suburb of Nashville. Our church is ten years old, and has Assemblies of God and Southern Baptist roots.  [...]

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Connecting at the Table: Luminous Parish

By the Reverend Chad E. Jarnagin, founding Rector of Luminous Parish in Franklin, TN, an AMiA Church. Today more than ever, we are in need of The Table. Not just any table. A great big table with plenty of room for everyone. Our society seems to be disoriented, fatigued and misunderstood. What better space than [...]

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