Lent and the Gospel of Suffering

by Deacon Lyn Baker In the popular mind, Lent is associated with penitence. There is a tradition of “giving up” something we enjoy. In my case, this is definitely food. On Ash Wednesday this year, I decided that I would fast for the noon meal. This is not heroic, I know. By dinnertime I was ravenous. As I ate the chicken noodle soup, my whole body relaxed in gratitude. I was more grateful than ever for the gift of food….

Focusing on Christ’s Victory During Lent: Helpful Tools

by Jason+ Radcliff There are certain tools I have found to be particularly helpful in focusing on Christ’s victory in my own life during the season of Lent. It is important to start small. For example, denying myself a second cup of coffee in the morning reminds me that it is God who gives me strength, not caffeine! Fasting can be a particularly meaningful way to intentionally remind myself that God provides for me. Whether it be the full Lenten…

Relying on Christ’s Victory in Lent

by Jason+ Radcliff In his classic introduction to the “ascetic” or spiritually disciplined life in his book Way of the Ascetics, Tito Colliander says: “The holy Fathers [and Mothers] say with one voice: The first thing to keep in mind is never in any respect to rely on yourself. The warfare that now lies before you is extraordinarily hard, and your own human powers are altogether insufficient to carry it on. If you rely on them you will immediately be…

The Season of Lent and the Practice of Fasting

Some thoughts from Dustin+ Messer of All Saints Dallas on fasting during Lent. Dustin + Messer is Associate Pastor for Faith Formation at All Saints Dallas where he oversees the catechetical ministry of the church: from children’s ministry to adult education. Before starting his doctoral work at La Salle University, he graduated from Boyce College, Covenant Theological Seminary and the National Review Institute. Dustin’s writings have appeared in Christianity Today, World Magazine and The Gospel Coalition. Additionally, Dustin serves on…

Lent Fasting for a Changed Heart

by Ron+ McCrary, All Saints Dallas Lent can be the most spiritually transformative season in the Christian year because of its tight focus on employing powerful spiritual disciplines. Confession, solitude and silence, as well as added devotional practices, are just a few. Fasting has had dramatic effects on my journey of transformation of character into the likeness of Christ. But first, a word of caution:

The Light Has Come

Merry Christmas from the AMiA Leadership Team and Staff

For You This Christmas

By Mark+ Browne, Rector of Christ Church in Midlothian, Virginia I would like you to think of the person here on earth who is the most precious to you. For me it is my wife, Yolie. Now, if you are an animal lover or pet owner, think of the most precious pet you ever had. I think for me it was our golden Labrador, Ronan. In terms of value, how many Ronans do you think Yolie is worth to me? An…

Advent Reflections 2020

By Nowell+ Copley, Rector of All Saints Church, Spartanburg I love a good story—a tale that draws me in from the very beginning, drops me into the lives of the characters and delivers me to surprising and unexpected ends. A story that inextricably links me to its plot and carries me along as if I were being written into the story as well. I love a good story, but I need a great story.

All the Saints Celebrating the Feast of All Saints

The celebration of All Saints day is just a few weeks away. To remind us of its significance to the Church and to each of us, we are re-posting reflections published previously. by The Rev. Nowell Copley, All Saints Spartanburg This year, as we do each year on November 1, Christians around the world will celebrate the Feast of All Saints. We do this to commemorate the lives and ministries of those saints who have gone before us, particularly those…

On Fasting in Lent

By Lucas Damoff, member of All Saints Dallas Christian discipline is the practice of tangibly inviting the Holy Spirit to change us further and further into the image of Jesus Christ. Fasting is one of many powerful ways we can do this. For centuries Christians have taken the season of Lent as an opportunity to engage in a more concentrated and intentional practice of the Christian disciplines, especially fasting. While we may commonly speak of fasting from things like television…