We are so excited about our new Living Classroom experience: a new way to stay connected and to discuss the important issues that come up in leading three-stream Anglican congregations.

For now, most of the offerings are geared toward our clergy; however, as we move into the spring, we will expand to create opportunities for our churches’ local leadership teams and lay leaders. But we need to hear from you:

  • What topics and formats will be most useful for discipleship?
  • What areas of the three-stream Anglican life need to be strengthened or deepened in your congregation?

We invite your feedback and suggestions to make Living Classroom a supportive resource for our AMiA clergy and lay leaders.

The Living Classroom that started in Dallas last fall underscored the need and desire to stay connected, hear from one another and discuss the relevant issues in leading and living a three-stream life. This fall we are not able to gather in person in Dallas, so instead we are offering new virtual opportunities to connect and learn:

  1. Podcast – Each Tuesday, we invite you to listen in on these discussions with some of our leaders who talk about the healthy rhythms and habits important in the life of a three-stream Anglican church. After you listen, we would love your feedback! The podcasts are only 20 minutes in length, and we hope they serve to spur you on in your leadership!
  2. Book Study – We all want to be lifelong learners, and we thought it would be a good idea to read a book together as a society and have some time to discuss the ideas that we think are helpful. I am encouraging all of our clergy to take a few hours and dedicate some thought to the book Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: How to Become an Effective Leader by Confronting Potential Failures by Gary L. McIntosh and Samuel D. Rima, then go to Thelivingclassroom.org and sign up for a time for discussion with other clergy.
  3. Cohorts – These groups are great way to discuss a subject that you are interested in with three or four of your peers. It will be a time during which you are expected to bring your best ideas on the subject as well as your questions. Plenty of time is accorded to discussing your current situation and how the idea applies to your leadership.
  4. All Clergy Check-In – Once a month we will have time for spiritual reflection and to hear briefly from one another. It will be a great time to see the faces of your fellow clergy and stay connected with the life of the society. Next month (October 13) we will answer questions and get your feedback regarding the new Living Classroom virtual offerings.

These opportunities will take advantage of Zoom technology and the ability to meet in smaller groups to have more meaningful discussions. We also look forward to offering our in-person Living Classroom retreat as soon as the pandemic recedes.

Please go to Thelivingclassroom.org and look around! We need your help to continue to improve our society and stay connected!