From the Lead Bishop: Introducing Living Classroom Online

The Living Classroom is a place where Anglicans come to grow and learn together how to live out a three-stream life—with a balanced emphasis on Scriptures, Sacraments and the Spirit. We truly believe that this life is an expression of the call we have on our lives to usher in God’s kingdom on earth. As we live a life that is balanced with the word of God, the connection to the broadness of the saints and traditions, and the ongoing outpouring of the Holy Spirit we will make a difference, we will bear the fruit God promises, and we will be doing the good work God has prepared for us in advance.

In the video below, Anglican Mission in America Lead Bishop, +Philip Jones, shares the vision, purpose and structure of The Living Classroom. Be sure to also listen to his podcast on the Living Classroom website: Leading a Three-Stream Service.



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