Rediscovering the Art of Discipleship
Session by Allen+ Hughes, AMiA Director of Leadership Development

The good soil of our life is generated through the actions and habits of discipleship. Discipleship is the lifelong pursuit of learning to live a life under the guidance and care of God. We can live a life in which we are guided and led by the perfect Father! We can experience the fruits of the good soil: a joy that goes beyond our circumstances, a peace that satisfies, work that is meaningful and a love that abides.

Unfortunately, in our culture the word “discipleship” has been misunderstood, misapplied, reduced and in some cases used to manipulate serious men and women who desire to walk faithfully with the living God. The result is that many Christians live with an anemic understanding of discipleship, which limits their relationship with God, confuses their vocation and keeps most Christians frustrated and on the periphery of the full Christian life. When discipleship is truly and fully engaged, what follows is an abundant life from God, full of gifts, challenges, meaning and direction. This is the life I believe all Christians truly desire.

I invite you to come to Living Classroom October 6-9 in Dallas, and begin the process of implementing discipleship into your life and into your congregation.