During this Easter season, as we focus on living the resurrection, we rejoice that because Jesus conquered death, once and for all, we can come before God, known as sons and daughters. “Approved” by Bryan+ Patrick captures the joy of being accepted in the sight of the Lord because of Christ’s love, demonstrated through his blood.

By Bryan+ Patrick

Something I need not constantly seek;
Nor to merit or strive to keep.
I have it not because of what I did or have done;
I am on my best days and those when my good deeds number not one.

Oh that I could walk in it day by day;
Although I never lose it, often from this truth I stray.
Trying to earn what cannot be bought;
Worrying about what others think and whether from them I have it or not.

Shackles that on myself I place;
Chains that restrain me from seeing your face.
But turning, at last I see your smile;
It never wavered even in the midst of this latest trial.

Resting in it, only then am I free;
In it there is peace, complete security.
There I have life;
My heart can be quiet; ceased is internal strife.

But how can this be?
Behind what Door is this great gift; who holds the key?
The truth—I am; because of your Son;
The truth—I am; not through what I did, but because of what He has done.

“It is finished.”  He cried;
In that moment, He died.
Surrendering His life to you my heavenly Father;
Paying the price for which I had nothing to offer.

My sin, my failings, my stain;
His Blood covering your righteous disdain.
The wrath that I deserved became His pain;
Only because of His great love, APPROVED I will for all eternity remain.

Bryan+ Patrick, is a priest in the AMiA and Senior Counsel for Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP who lives in Temple, Texas, with his wife, Lynsey, and their four children.