+Philip Jones

Greetings to the Anglican Mission in America and our Friends,

It is one month since we were together in Dallas for Winter Conference 2018 (and Clergy Retreat!), and I am so very encouraged by the feedback I have received so far. In these past weeks I have seen the impact of those few days together grow.

We had first time guests from Cincinnati, Destin, Nashville, San Antonio and Dallas who were encouraged by our worship and prayer, and by the hospitality that marks so many of our events. Most of these guests have said yes to joining with us on mission; beginning the trail to ordination, partnering with us or bringing their church into the AMiA. It is an exciting time for our Society. The Holy Spirit was moving.

Also, many of you who attended have reached out, wanting to know more about our speakers, Cherith Nordling and David Fitch, and to watch their talks again. (Please access the talks by Dr. Cherith Nordling and Dr. David Fitch on our YouTube site.)  A few have shared the profound spiritual gifts they received during the week, and asked for more resources to help them in their ministry.

In upcoming newsletters I will be sharing some of the resources that I use and books I am reading to help me in my ministry. First up will be Tod Bolsinger’s Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory. I also want to highlight some of the talks that our clergy and lay members presented at Clergy Retreat and Winter Conference. I hope these will enliven your ministry as they have mine. Stay tuned.

Lastly, for those who joined us in Dallas, January 23-27, if you had any experiences, words or suggestions you would like to share about the clergy retreat, prayer training or conference, please email us at info@theamia.org with “CR/WC 2018 Feedback” in the subject line. Our staff will use your input to help plan for our gatherings in the next year.

God bless you.

On Mission,