At Winter Conference each morning (at 6:30, in the prayer room) there will be a special prayer/Lectio Divino  session called “Time with ABBA” led by +Silas Ng.

The theme is “Anointing for Release,” and provides a time for pastors and leaders who are following Jesus and doing His Kingdom ministry to experience a true relational time with our Lord. According to +Silas,  “Time with ABBA is a good method for us to have a intimate relationship with the Lord through copying the Bible.” The session is called “Time with ABBA” to remind us of the deeply personal connection we have with our Heavenly Father. Our elder brother, Jesus, called the Father, Abba. “It is a good symbolic meaning as to follow Jesus’ good example to be with the Heavenly Father and calling Him as Jesus called Him, ‘Abba,'” says Bishop Silas.

“My hope,” he explains, “is that those who attend will learn and continue this way daily, and then lead other people to have daily times with ABBA.  According to my research, there are less than 10% or even 5% of Christians are having daily devotions. And, most of them even if they have daily devotion is only less than 10 minutes. Time with ABBA will surely encourage Christians to have at least one hour of the best time of a day, early in the morning with the Lord.”