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PreConference, Wednesday January 24:

Prayer and Healing Ministry Team Training at Winter Conference 2018: A Time to Listen and Be Heard (Separate Registration. Sign-up here.)  Prayer and healing ministry has always been a vital aspect of our identity in the Anglican Mission. At Winter Conference this year, we invite everyone, laity and clergy, to  learn, grow and participate in the Prayer and Healing Ministry Team Training held the day before Winter Conference.

The Rev. Shawne Brown and Sheridan Banks will be the presenters.

Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling: Associate Professor of Theology at Northern Seminary in Chicago. For the past 30 years she has been involved in the Holy Spirit’s renewal of the mainline Presbyterian, Anglican and Christian Reformed communities. She is working on a book on theological anthropology and the resurrection, and a condensed version of Paul’s Christology with her father, Gordon Fee.

Dr. David Fitch: Ordained pastor, speaker, coach, author and professor at Northern Seminary. Dr. David Fitch often talks about mission, the church, ecclesiology and the theology of God in the world. He is author of Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission.



 Break out Sessions

Our theme for Winter Conference this year is “Come & See, Go & Tell.” Breakout sessions are specially designed to give you tools, for yourself and for your communities, to be better equipped for mission, to Go & Tell. Here are brief overviews for just a few of the sessions we have planned:

Stewardship as Leadership with John Williams

Raising financial capital and developing resources for church expansion, while often daunting, can be a worshipful, spiritual and Biblically-guided experience for church leaders. Join John Williams, ASD board member, for the journey of ups and downs of the All Saints Dallas building and capital campaign project, Crossroads, as he shares how God faithfully led ASD through the past year of funding and beginning to build their new church home in downtown Dallas.

John Williams served on the Board of Stewards for All Saints Church, Dallas from 2015 through 2017 and also serves on the Crossroads Building Committee. John vocationally is an HR executive and consultant serving faith-based, nonprofit organizations around the country.

Setting the Table with Lyn Baker  

Using a multi-sensory, inquiry-based learning model, children (and you) are invited to see, touch and taste the goodness of God. Come expecting to encounter God and learn some new ideas and ways of interacting with children.

Lyn is an educational professional with 30 years experience working with children and young adults of all ages. She has designed and taught curriculum for Sunday schools and chapel programs, and is the co-author of the book Generous Kids.

Renewal Hope: Confronting Nostalgia, Comfort and a Post-Christian Culture with Caleb+ Miller                        

Statistics show most churches in America are struggling. Attendance is down, new conversion growth is minimal. What are the causes and is there any hope for renewal? In this talk, we will look at some causes of the struggle, seek reasons for hope and look at what one AMiA church has begun to do and learn.

Having served in seven churches in six states, Caleb Miller has served Immanuel Church since 2014. Rector since 2015, Caleb is married to Anna and together they have two children: Camden and Declan. A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Caleb enjoys preaching, reading and challenging himself in the areas of physical fitness and church leadership.

Coaching with Allen+ Hughes    

The Mission, in its efforts to become a place where leaders are welcomed, developed and empowered, understands the importance of creating a coaching environment. The building of a coaching culture creates spaces for others to come alongside you, take what is inside of you and help translate that into behaviors and goals that bring about transformation both internally and in your community. Come learn more about coaching and how your leadership can increase in spiritual authority.

The Rev. Dr. Canon Allen Hughes serves as Canon Missioner. He has helped many Anglican Mission churches, networks and church leaders with his coaching techniques. He holds a Doctor of Ministry in leadership and communication from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Sewanee.

A Ministry of Mental Health with Carol Dowsett    

According to psychologist Dr. Matthew Stanford, co-founder of The Grace Alliance, “Mental health is the great mission field of the 21st century, and it is time the Church recognized its God-given role.” While churches typically stand at “high alert” to be attentive to members facing urgent medical crises such as heart attacks, surgeries, cancer and major injuries, few are mindful of or equipped to support those in their congregations managing mental illnesses. In this breakout session we’ll learn about major mental health conditions and explore practical ways to minister to individuals and families in times of crisis and in the ongoing challenges of mental health disorders.

Carol Dowsett is a member of All Saints Church Dallas and her team at Habari Communications provides communications services for the AMiA. She is a trained teacher for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and a support group facilitator for The Grace Alliance. As one whose family confronts mental illness issues daily, Carol brings real-life experiences as well as best practices garnered from Christian mental health leaders.

AMiA’s Place in Anglicanism with Ryan+ Owsley      

What does it mean to be an Anglican? How does AMiA fit into global and historic Anglicanism? And why does any of this matter? With an eye toward Anglicanism’s remote and recent history, and in a spirit of charity and clarity, Ryan+ will show how sound answers to these questions help us engage in the Great Commission work in North America to which we are called.

Ryan+ Owsley serves the AMiA as the Director of Ecclesiastical Affairs and is the Associate Pastor of St. Andrew’s Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated magna cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in philosophy and ethics. He graduated with honors from the UALR Bowen School of Law, and served for 10 years at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, including work as the head of the Civil Litigation Division.

Liturgical Folk Concert: Friday, January 26, 7 p.m.

Liturgical Folk is an ecumenical music project of the Anglican Mission in America, led by Ryan Flanigan, Music Director of All Saints Dallas (AMIA). Their music consists of new folk settings to traditional prayers as well as new hymns and choruses. Fr. Nelson Koscheski, poet and retired priest (ACNA) and Ryan Flanigan are the main writers, along with many other collaborators. Ryan’s wife Melissa and their friends Tiffany and Justin Brooks of St. Michael’s Dallas (TEC) have been performing the songs of Liturgical Folk together since their public debut in December 2016.

Liturgical Folk’s vision is for the Church once again to be a credible artistic witness to God’s presence in the world. Their mission is to make beautiful and believable sacred folk music for the sake of the world.

Liturgical Folk concerts are a lights-on, words-in-hand, public liturgy, suitable for all ages and faith stages. Come and experience a reimagining of the hymnal for a new generation of worship. You are liturgical folk.