Our theme for Winter Conference this year is “Come & See, Go & Tell.” Breakout sessions are specially designed to give you tools, for yourself and for your communities, to be better equipped for mission, to Go & Tell. Here are brief overviews for just a few of the sessions we have planned:

Culture of Invitation with Dave+ Larlee

The Oxford dictionary describes an invitation as an action that makes a particular outcome likely. One of the things our AMiA churches hold in common is that we long to see the kingdom of Jesus break into the lives of people in our community. How then do we create a culture in our worshipping communities where our members can’t help themselves but invite people to hear the gospel and experience the grace of God? A culture of invitation typically requires three key elements: love, listening and laughter. People no longer listen their way into the kingdom; instead they talk their way, they laugh their way and they are loved into the kingdom of God. What could this look like in your setting? Come and join us for an open conversation as we explore what it looks like to create a culture of invitation together.

Dave+ Larlee is associate pastor of All Saints Dallas. He was ordained as an Anglican priest in 2004 and served an inner-city congregation in London for 10 years. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University in 2000, a Masters of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 2001 and a Bachelor of Theology from the University of Oxford in 2004.

Coaching with Allen+ Hughes

The Mission, in its efforts to become a place where leaders are welcomed, developed and empowered, understands the importance of creating a coaching environment. The effectiveness of coaching has been well-documented, and it is a viable approach that has served a multitude of leaders and executives. The building of a coaching culture creates spaces for others to come alongside you, take what is inside of you and help translate that into behaviors and goals that bring about transformation both internally and in your community. The Mission encourages coaching for all leaders. To that end we have resources available to all our members. Come learn more about coaching and how your leadership can increase in spiritual authority.

The Rev. Dr. Canon Allen Hughes serves as Canon Missioner due to his capacity for intuitive organizational thinking. He has helped many Anglican Mission churches, networks and church leaders with his coaching techniques. Allen+ is used in effective transition coaching and/or collaborative process planning. He holds a Doctor of Ministry in leadership and communication from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Sewanee.

AMiA’s Place in Anglicanism with Ryan+ Owsley

What does it mean to be an Anglican? How does AMiA fit into global and historic Anglicanism? And why does any of this matter? With an eye toward Anglicanism’s remote and recent history, and in a spirit of charity and clarity, Ryan+ will walk us through these questions. He’ll show how sound answers to these questions help us engage in the Great Commission work in North America to which we are called.

Ryan+ Owsley serves the AMiA as the Director of Ecclesiastical Affairs. He is also the Associate Pastor of St. Andrew’s Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated magna cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in philosophy and ethics. Ryan+ went on to graduate with honors from the UALR Bowen School of Law, where he served on the editorial board of the school’s Law Review. Most of his 10-year legal career took place at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, where he last served as the head of the Civil Litigation Division, supervising all its litigation, attorneys and support staff.

A Ministry of Mental Health with Carol Dowsett

One in five families are impacted by mental illness every year. Their stories are written every day in desperate hearts coping with the confusion, isolation and stigma of mental illness. And many authors of these stories are sitting in the pews of your church. How is the church to respond? According to psychologist Dr. Matthew Stanford, co-founder of The Grace Alliance, “Mental health is the great mission field of the 21st century, and it is time the Church recognized its God-given role.” While churches typically stand at “high alert” to be attentive to members facing urgent medical crises such as heart attacks, surgeries, cancer and major injuries, few are mindful of or equipped to support those in their congregations managing mental illnesses. In this breakout session we’ll explore practical ways to minister to individuals and families in times of crisis and in the ongoing challenges of mental health disorders.

Carol Dowsett is a member of All Saints Church Dallas and her team at Habari Communications provides communications services for the AMiA. She is a trained teacher for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and a support group facilitator for The Grace Alliance. As one whose family confronts mental illness issues daily, Carol brings real-life experiences as well as best practices garnered from Christian mental health leaders.