Bishop Jones, Winter Conference 2016

Dear Friends of the Mission,

In making plans and talking to speakers in preparation to celebrate our eighteenth Winter Conference together, it shocked me to realize that 20 years of the Anglican Mission in America is fast approaching.

Here at All Saints in Dallas we will be moving into our refurbished downtown warehouse in late 2018. Just as with any impending move we have been cleaning out closets and going through boxes and old files, and in doing so, we have come across many of the original AMiA documents.

Some of the documents outline the reasons behind the Mission, the foundational words of men who had a vision of what an Anglican Society, dedicated to God’s call to save the millions of lost souls in America, would look like.

Consecrations in Singapore

From the beginning the Anglican Mission in America was not about being a refuge from bad religion, but about being strong witnesses to the gospel and giving the glory to God. Words like raising up and releasing, identifying disciples, supporting leaders, growing churches; all these words have been used since the beginning. +Chuck and +John saw that to create something lasting we would have to follow the apostolic model, speaking the truth of the gospel, discipling and releasing leaders to find the next generation of those who will speak the truth. It is the model that has been working for almost twenty centuries.

In December 2009, +Chuck wrote, “Like Paul’s second trip, I believe God is calling us to expand further and grow broader.” In the last year we have had new aspirants sign up for our mission assessment from many varied backgrounds. We have inquiries from churches from other denominations being attracted by and yearning to grow into this three stream Anglican worship that defines us. God is expanding us into new cities and growing our churches into areas of town others only visit on outreach missions; some of our clergy are living with the poor and down trodden while ministering to them.

As we approach the end of our second decade as a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works let us “not be disobedient to the vision from heaven”, (Acts 26) as +Chuck echoed St. Paul in his 2009 article.

Archbishop Kolini, Winter Conference 2009

This is the vision that grew First Promise and the Association of Anglican Congregations on Mission into the Anglican Mission in the Americas in 2000 and found oversight, through the grace of Archbishop Kolini, as a missionary outreach of the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda; forming a ministry driven by a shared passion and vision for seeking the lost and bringing the gospel to those outside the church in North America. The mercy and reconciliation we saw in the people of Rwanda following their horrific 1994 genocide gave a powerful witness to us and strengthened our resolve to follow God’s vision for the lost in the America.

This is also the vision that is captured in the 2012 Decree for the Establishment of a Society of Mission. As we rebuilt our canonical foundations we never lost sight of God’s vision for us;

A Missionary Society for the advancement of Apostolic Works and Ministry known as The Anglican Mission whose original mandate as a personal prelature was given by the Most Reverend Emmanuel Kolini, Primate of Rwanda and The Most Reverend Yong Ping Chung, Primate of Southeast Asia, August 2000. The Center for Mission was established in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina to affect this work in North America.

May the living of this renewed expression for Mission provide inspiration and strength for all of the members of this Society as they seek to live into this next phase of witnessing the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout North America and other parts of the world, by word and example, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

And this same vision guides me, as your Apostolic Vicar, and guides my office in everything we do to support our Clergy, our Churches and our Laity. Our mission statement incites us to maintain this vision; The Anglican Mission in America exists to raise, release and support leaders and communities of faith to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in America.

We come together with this common goal, the shared call of God on our lives; to raise, release and support leaders and communities of faith to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in America.

Join us for Winter Conference in Dallas January 24-27, 2018 to be a part of the AMiA vision moving toward 20 years of Mission.

God bless you.

On Mission,