Dear Friends of the Mission,

I am writing today to invite you to Dallas for Winter Conference and Clergy Retreat in January 2018 – Come and see! Go and tell!

We are deep into planning our time together and this year God is leading us towards the “How”. What resources do we, as a Society, have to encourage and resource one another so we are ready to do the work Jesus has given us to do? We are looking at ways to equip laity and clergy to live in the presence of Jesus and to go back to your mission fields with renewed vigor. To hear again the call God has placed before all of us: to spread the good news of Jesus Christ! We want our time together to encourage you with new thoughts and new methods of reaching out, refreshing your outlook and refreshing your spirit.

At a recent Winter Conference planning meeting, a member of the resource team asked “What can I get at Winter Conference that I can’t get from watching a sermon or training on YouTube?”

It’s a fair question, and it’s one we should ask not only about our conference but about our churches as well.

As we discussed the answer, various reasons emerged:

  • At Winter Conference we are setting apart time and creating space to encounter God in community
  • Being in his presence together in worship gives us strength and clarity and unity
  • Receiving and participating in prayer, laying on of hands, and feeling our health return
  • Laughing, learning, processing with and encouraging one another
  • In short, we get to be fully present with God and with each other

One of our speakers this year is David Fitch, the author of book called “Faithful Presence” David explores seven disciplines in which the church has engaged to acknowledge and make space for the presence of the Lord in our churches, in our homes and in our neighborhoods. I’m excited to hear him speak, as he dives into these topics from both a theological and practical standpoint.

During the same planning meeting we also finalized a theme for this year’s Winter Conference: “come and see, go and tell.” To me, this captures what we are about as Mission Society. We strive to create a culture of invitation where are all invited to come and see. We live in God’s presence, seek him together, and go out into the world to share the good news.

I ask that you join me in praying for Winter Conference even now. Pray for the staff and organizers as they plan and coordinate all the details. Pray for our speakers and seminar leaders and the work they will be doing to prepare. Pray for those who God will put on your heart to invite to Winter Conference, to experience our Three Stream Anglican worship and fellowship.

We hope you’ll join us this January in Dallas. To register for Winter Conference, visit

On Mission,