Dear Friends of the Mission,

Thank you for your prayers and support for our churches, clergy, congregations and loved ones in Florida as they have weathered Hurricane Irma. We are grateful to have received good reports from our clergy. Many are still without power or safe drinking water and most are dealing with minor damages and clean up, but thank God all are safe and well. We are staying in touch with everyone, asking them to let us know if any help is needed, and we will let you know in the coming weeks what we hear from Florida as they clean up and rebuild.



Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and provision for all those affected by Hurricane Irma in the US, Haiti, and the Caribbean. Pray for the first responders and utility workers who are hard at work getting life back to normal for Floridians. Pray for those who evacuated and are still heading back home. Pray for wisdom for the government agencies and nonprofits as they respond to this disaster. Pray for miracles for people’s safety and health, and for all resources needed. And pray for our churches who will be ministering to their communities, that the light of Christ will shine into peoples’ lives.


Donate and Volunteer

I’d like to encourage you, if possible, to give financially rather than in-kind donations. Amount is not important. The important thing is to give. Remember what Jesus did with a few loaves and a couple of fish. Financial resources help the organizations on the ground acquire the things they need the most and relieves their volunteers from having to organize and coordinate random items. There are many wonderful organizations accepting donations, among them the American Red Cross.

If you live in an area near the damage of the hurricane, I encourage to reach out to local organizations to find out how you might volunteer, whether it is working in a phone bank, a warehouse, or donating blood.


We also continue to remember all those who are still suffering from the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. This week, All Saints Dallas sent a team of people to Houston to help led by Deacon Mark Walz.

There is a lot of work to be done in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Caribbean. I encourage you to listen to the Lord as He prompts you in how you can respond. Remember that where you go, the Kingdom of God goes with you.

On Mission,