Dear Friends of the Mission,

June is an interesting month in the life of American churches. In June we’ve wrapped up another school year, blessed our graduates, and have moved into summer programming. We’ve celebrated Eastertide and Pentecost, and have stepped into Ordinary time. And in June, many churches are closing up another fiscal year, reviewing budgets, and praying through how to allocate resources in the fiscal year that starts in just a few weeks.

It’s no different for us at the Anglican Mission. As Rector General, I have been working with our staff (three cheers for David Hickman and Angelia Thames) and the Financial Excellence and Accountability Team (FEAT) to ensure that we are being good stewards of the money our member churches and donors entrust to us. Since the beginning of AMiA, we have always worked on the 10-10-10 principle. We ask our parishioners to tithe to their church, which in turn tithe to the Mission. The Mission tithes to the College of Consultors, and uses the remaining 90% of church gifts to support all domestic operations, including clergy education, new works, church coaching and development, Clergy Retreat and Winter Conference. Our commitment is to run as lean as we can, so that every dollar that can go out into the field, will go out into the field.

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the AMiA allocated resources to support new and continuing projects in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida. The Mission supported the Ordination of five new Deacons at Winter Conference, the Consecration of three new Bishops and the consecration of Archbishop Masimango in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through the AMiA tithe to the College, our dollars supported the Anglican Mission in India, the Apolo 2/Musa clergy project in Africa, and the travel of our Mission Partners to Clergy Retreat and Winter Conference.

Last year I had the pleasure of visiting many of our churches, to learn more about our congregations and operations. I will continue these visits this summer and early fall to review the past year and current operations, and to listen to and plan with you how the Mission can better support our calling to build healthy leaders, healthy disciples and healthy worshipping communities to reach the lost in the United States.

My prayer for you during June and the rest of summer is that you will have time for rest, renewal, and fun; That you will sense the Lord’s presence with you and hear his voice in new ways; That you will be equipped for the work the Lord is calling you to do and that His joy will be your strength.

On mission,