Dear friends of the Mission,

Sunday, May 14th, was the first Anglican bishop consecration at Christ Church Nashville, and what an awesome job they did. +Dan’s consecration service was filled with the beauty and joy of encountering God in a three-stream way: in Spirit, in Scripture, and in Sacrament. Christ Church has a celebrated choir, 60 incredible voices all robed in green, that led us in worship, giving breath and volume to the liturgy, and life to the words of the Apostle’s Creed, written on panels on the walls of the sanctuary. Christ Church is a nondenominational church that is worshiping in an Anglican tradition, and on Sunday we got a beautiful picture of what that can look like.

Photo credit: Chad Barlow.

+Dan was consecrated as Bishop Emissary for Archbishop Masimango by Bishop William Mugenyi, in the Diocese of Kindu, Democratic Republic of Congo. +Dan is a spiritual father to many and in his new role will continue to help connect us to other Christian communities. He will serve the Anglican Mission as a pastoral connector for three stream Anglicanism with other denominations and faiths.

We truly missed Archbishop Masimango, who was due to consecrate +Dan. He was not able to be in Nashville due to travel difficulties and designated Bishop William to lead the service. Bishop William led with a spiritual joy, along with Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Bishop Aaron Kijanjali, Bishop Sospeter Ndenza, and Bishop Sandy Greene participating. It was an honor to be asked by +Dan to preach.

Please continue to keep +Dan, his wife Trish, his family, and his ministry in your prayers as he steps into this new role. Join me in thanking God for him and for this new season in his life and the life of the Mission!

On Mission,

PS: For a sense of what the choir was like, check out this video from January. As a bonus, you’ll get to hear +Dan’s beautiful singing voice!