“It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re taking care of little ones…(BLiSS) has transformed my days. I feel like ever since I started attending BLiSS I’ve realized I can walk with Jesus all throughout my day. So when I’m cleaning the dishes I can talk to him and invite him into that space. And He can help me give good eye-contact to my children instead of just herding them around. It’s helped me engage where I am.”

BLiSS is a discussion-oriented study for moms at St. Andrew’s Church in Little Rock, AR that is based on the Gospel readings taken from the lectionary. At Winter Conference, Tongua Williams, Early Childhood Ministry Leader at St Andrew’s, gave a mini-talk about the core elements that set the tone for BLiSS. And Kara, a participant, shared her story from the pew and how BLiSS has transformed her days. To view these videos, click below.

For more information about BLiSS and how you might incorporate these core elements into your own ministry for moms, contact Tongua Williams at Tongua@saclr.org.