For more information on our Bishops-designate, see the Clergy Update from April 2017. 

+Philip JonesTwo years ago we celebrated the consecrations for +Carl Buffington and +Gerry Schnackenberg as Bishop Emissaries for the Dioceses of Boga, DRC, and Kibondo, TZ, respectively. We have been blessed by their gifts and contributions, along with +Sandy Greene, to serve faithfully for the Mission in their respective portfolios; among other duties, +Gerry for small group planting, and +Carl for overseas mission development.

I am grateful to announce two more consecrations, to take place in May, to help fulfill the needs and callings for the Anglican Mission!

Matt+ Kessler will be consecrated as Bishop Emissary for Bishop Aaron Kijanjali, the Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania, on May 6th in San Antonio, Texas, to serve as an advocate of church planting and new works for the Anglican Mission.

Dan+ Scott will be consecrated as Bishop Emissary for Archbishop Masimango, in the Diocese of Kindu, Democratic Republic of Congo, on May 14th in Nashville, Tennessee, to serve as pastoral father in helping to connect us to other Christian communities.

Matt+ and Dan+ both have cultivated God’s call on their lives since the early days of the Anglican Mission, using their talents to serve and help grow our missionary Society.

Matt+ Kessler has shown apostolic gifts in his role as church planter for Grace Northridge Church, developing systems to fan the flame for discipleship and new works. He has always had a passion for building disciples into leaders who produce new church works, and this has paved the way for at least 3 new church communities in San Antonio.

Dan+ Scott is known to many as a spiritual father, inspiring passion for the Holy Spirit and instilling in those who counsel with him a deep need to know the love of Jesus in our lives. Dan+, faithful to his call at Christ Church Nashville, has a heart for bringing those of all denominations together, raising up leaders to reveal the commonalities that bind us together as Christ’s Church in the world. Raising up leaders and new works in the Nashville area, Dan+ is known for his gracious ability see all people on equal ground in the Lord.

This Lent, the lectionary has led us to rich passages in the Gospel of John: Nicodemus, the woman at the well and the man born blind. We can see in all three stories the consequence of coming to saving faith is telling others, living out our saving faith. Let us be aware of our opportunities to do the same, to follow the God-given desire to tell others about the Good News in Jesus Christ.

As we enter into Holy Week and Easter, it is a great time to remind ourselves, and all of God’s people, to mirror the apostolic and evangelical nature of these three characters; the desire to tell others about Christ is part of following him faithfully. Our Good Shepherd invites us to join Him in seeking the lost sheep, gently loving them and guiding them into relationship with Him.

Please keep both of our Bishops designate and their families in your prayers and continue to pray for all of our Anglican Mission Bishops to be strong in their walk with Christ and to lead us as we move forward in the mission.

With these and the many other great blessings that God is bringing to the Anglican Mission, I ask that you stay vigilant in your prayers for the Mission and Christ’s Church around the world. And I pray the Lords blessing on you and we all join in the evangelistic work of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and inviting others to “come and see”.