Archbishop Yong serving communion The Most Reverend Datuk Yong Ping Chung joined the College of Consulters in 2000, continuing the support of the Province of the Anglican Church of South East Asia. In his work since, Archbishop Yong has tirelessly encouraged and cared for the clergy of the Anglican Mission, and we now thank and honor him as he retires from the College.

A native of Sabah, Malaysia, Archbishop Yong was ordained as a deacon in 1969 by the Bishop of Newfoundland in Canada and as a priest in 1970. Upon returning to Sabah, he was appointed Canon of All Saint’s Cathedral in 1976 and Archdeacon of Sabah the following year. There, Archbishop Yong grew the Sabah Anglican Interior Mission and, in 1994, established the Sabah Anglican Urban Mission to focus on the urban centers of Sabah. In 1999, he was unanimously elected as the second Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia.

During opening worship at this year’s Winter Conference, Bishops Philip Jones and Silas Ng shared their gratitude for Archbishop Yong’s service. “Some people feel that we are living in an era when the Church has lost or almost lost its relevance; where people seem to believe without wanting to belong to a believing community; where they foster a spirituality without adherence to any religion, have faith without being a member of Christ’s faithful and have Christ without his Church,” they said. “And so, some drift from the Church, some get mad with her, others grow lax or just give her up altogether. Archbishop Yong was always thinking of how to celebrate the Gospel faithfully but innovatively; seeking to renew individuals and churches throughout the globe.”

Let us all echo Bishops Philip and Silas in saying, “Thank you, Archbishop Yong, for an extra ordinary, witness, and extraordinary life and extraordinary ministry. May each of us in our time contribute our share of faith, hope and love to the people of this mission that we are called to serve, then we will be able to have it said as we now say about Archbishop Yong, ‘well done, good and faithful servant.'”