Though the 2017 Winter Conference is coming up soon, this week, Three Streams decided to profile other goings on–even if it is another retreat–around the Mission, choosing to focus on the youth ministry at New Covenant Anglican Church in Winter Springs, Florida. Last week was their youth retreat which included much of what you’d expect: reading Scripture together, singing, and games. There were two aspects of the retreat, though, that, when they came through the inbox, impressed on us at Three Streams to share with the Mission as a whole.

unnamedFirst, amongst the kayaking in Wekiwa State Park, glow-in-the-dark dodgeball games, and cornhole tournaments, the youth took time out of the weekend to go on a worship walk Saturday night. From those who were present, “it was amazing to watch them walk around, sit on swings, and lay in the grass singing to God – some just listening to the music quietly and others singing it out as loud as they could. They used phones with ear buds to make this a personal time of connecting with God.”

Second, throughout the weekend, Ivan Sikha (whose work we profiled on the blog not long ago here) shared about The Mission India. Rather than simply absorbing information, “after hearing about how God is working in India, the youth started to brainstorm ideas to make their own videos that would spark a conversation about hope with their friends – inviting them to share where their hope in Christ comes from.” The youth at New Covenant are still working on this project.

It is always amazing to hear from churches around the Mission sharing their ministry stories, especially when it is so focused on the next generation and connecting to the church globally.