For nearly three years, All Saints Anglican Church in Newport, North Carolina, has been supporting a group called Spirit for Mission (SFM)—a not-for-profit ministry designed to develop new Christian ministries and educate new ministers to serve them. With a strong missionary focus and a cross-denominational vision, SFM has partnered with congregations across Eastern North Carolina, including All Saints Anglican Church.  

Specifically, All Saints is the home for SFM’s Beach Teach Institute, a “home school for clergy” that has graduated three aspirants for the vocational diaconate and is currently instructing two more. Also, back in June, All Saints partnered with SFM and Hope Mission of Carteret County—“a non-profit Christian ministry which seeks to serve the less fortunate citizens of Carteret County through ministries of food, compassion, emergency financial assistance, shelter for the homeless and prayer as well as other means of support”—to launch One Night Out. This ministry continues to reach the lost and least of the county, caring for the spiritual needs of those who come to Hope Mission for help.  

Other worshipping communities have been planted through SFM and All Saints this year, each sharing the Gospel towards addicts, those in recovery, and youth. SFM emphasizes the gathering of musicians, artists, missionaries, and church leaders into worshipping communities and has, in the past month, launched a new Bible study ministry to share the Gospel with both the clients and staffs of county mental health and rehabilitation facilities.  

All Saints Anglican Church and SFM continue to impact and love their community, to spread God’s Kingdom to the least and the lost. For more information about SFM, click here. Other Anglican Mission churches—such as All Saints Dallas and Christ the King in Ocala, Florida—have partnered with SFM.