As you know, we have partnership agreements, known as concordats, with 13 Anglican Dioceses and Bishops of the Anglican Communion. These “concordats” provide canonical communion for lay and clergy members of the Anglican Mission as well as ecclesial fellowship and ministry opportunities. These partnerships assure our unequivocal membership status within the Anglican Communion, while at the same time providing mutual ministry opportunities such as was reported on last week with the AMiA involvement in leading the Apolo 2 training in Congo and Tanzania.

The success of that training and these partnerships is indeed something to celebrate in our Society, but there’s something you may not know… One of our partner bishops, Bishop Masimango Zacharie Katanda of Kindu Diocese, was recently elected as the new Primate and Archbishop for the Province of Congo (succeeding The Rt. Rev. Henri Isingoma who resigned earlier this year). This is really good news for the Province as well as its partners such as the Anglican Mission. As a mission society, we are constituted in such a way that our ecclesiastical status is rooted in the common life of our partner bishops and Dioceses of the Anglican Communion. In addition to the Godly bishops we have as partners, we have a primatial relationship in the person of Archbishop-elect Masimango of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). The enthronement as Primate and Archbishop of the DRC is scheduled for Sunday, September 11, 2016, making him one of 38 Primates of the Communion. I will be leading a team of clergy from the AMiA, joining with other partners and members of the College of Consultors to celebrate this blessed moment in time with our brothers and sisters in the DRC.

Archbishop-elect Masimango has been an active friend of the Mission since joining us in London for the launch in 2012. We are grateful to God for his strong leadership and how it has been recognized by the other bishops in the DRC. Let us come together in prayers of Thanksgiving for the spiritual union and the Celebration that will take place on September 11.