There are thousands of Muslims living around Tampa Bay, Florida, and Christ the King Anglican Church in nearby Ocala is seeking to love and serve them. They are partnering with a group called Tampa Muslim Outreach to help carry out their mission: “to help churches and individuals share the love of Christ with Muslims in the greater Tampa Bay area. We do that through training, coaching, publishing, and prayer. We believe that every church is different and will have something unique to offer in fulfilling this vital part of the Great Commission.”

This summer, Christ the King is sending out teams of volunteers to take gift baskets to a hundred Muslim households in the area. These baskets include films depicting the story of Christ and copies of the Gospel of John. Additional volunteers from the church are vigilantly praying on behalf of these families.

unnamedSo far, as these gift baskets have been handed out, the response has been positive. According to the church, “many seem surprised and pleased by the gift and they listen carefully to our message. One gentleman used the contact information provided to call us afterwards. He explained that his sister and mother attend church, and he spoke of going to a church himself.” Additionally, “a woman we visited turned out to be a widow of three years. She spent two hours with us in discussion and then gratefully received prayer. So we are seeing God at work, and we trust that much more is happening that we cannot see.”

Christ the King and other churches in the Tampa Bay area are continuing to distribute gift baskets to Muslim households and spread Christ’s love to the Muslim community in other ways.