Being a missionary society, it is important that the Anglican Mission in America remains in relationship with our Mission Partners overseas. In doing this, we are uniquely positioned to serve the church both locally in our parishes and globally through our Mission Partners, especially in Africa and Asia. One of the ways we serve is through the training of clergy and lay people for ministry, as many Mission Partner dioceses have no access to theological or pastoral education. This began three years ago and is still a large part of the Mission’s purpose today.

Last year, a group from the Anglican Mission traveled to and trained over 75 leaders in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and since last summer, those leaders have trained over 200 others! Now a year later, this is greatly encouraging as we are sending more to continue this work. This summer, a group of fourteen laypeople and clergy from around the Mission will be traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania to work with our partners to that end.

Archbishop Kolini poses for a picture after meeting with Archpriest Kes Berhanu Bekele of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Fr. Bekeke and the Archbishop talked about refugee ministry for those leaving Africa.

Archbishop Kolini, left, is one of our Mission Partners in the Congo

Ultimately, the goal in these trainings is to fully equip these leaders to face the challenges of their area and culture, such as Islam, traditional religions, secularism, social conflict, and a lack of resources. They will be teaching sessions on how the church can approach these issues as well as developing and hosting a youth camp.

We at Three Streams encourage you to pray for those from the United States, India, Portugal and Rwanda who will be making the trip. Pray for the church leaders they will be serving. Many will be traveling from the area to attend these sessions and will return to train up others in what they have learned. This is truly a beautiful picture of how God has blessed the Anglican Mission in increasing His church throughout the world.