Sometimes, trying to describe what the Mission is all about can be tricky. Yes, we understand we are a sodality connected to the Anglican Communion worldwide through our Mission Partners. However, I have found that defining ourselves as a missionary movement has greater appeal. We are not a denomination, but a movement technically called a missionary society. It is still sometimes difficult for people to grasp this idea. It is not until people get involved with the lives of those outside of their AMiA church, like attending Winter Conference or participating in The Anglican Mission Prayer Team ministry, that they are able to truly see what God has called us to and what He is doing in our Society.

Another idea to help our people understand The Anglican Mission is to send them out to visit other churches within the Mission. I just received a note from one of four team members who spent Pentecost weekend at Christ Church Nashville. This team from All Saints Dallas, led by David+ Larlee, went to minister with and for the people of Christ Church Nashville. This team member wrote to me the following:

“I was so blessed to be invited (to Christ Church Nashville) and it really opened my eyes to another face of the AMiA. The church in Nashville was so different yet such a tremendous blessing to experience. I get a little bit more about what you mean when you say that the AMiA is not a denomination. What a beautiful thing to welcome a body that worships differently but holds to the same core beliefs and values. The AMiA has been a new experience ​to me and seeing the church in Nashville make me feel just a little more at home.”

I have had the privilege to visit many Anglican Mission churches over the course of the past two years, and churches in Anglican Mission in Canada as well, to see what God is doing in each corner of our Society and the people He is raising up in our churches and works, the lives that are being touched through our people. I would love for each of you to visit another AMiA church and see the vision of our mission society.

David+ Larlee preached that Sunday to a church of over 1000 in attendance. The team from All Saints Dallas worked with those from Christ Church Nashville and ministered in prayer, after having spent the weekend with some of the clergy and lay leaders from the church. We are grateful to Dan+ Scott for his invitation and for the opportunity to witness and worship with Christ Church. I hope this can become a model for our other churches throughout the AMiA.


+ Philip