Bishop Sospeter Ndenza has been a great blessing to all of us in the Anglican Mission in the Americas by serving on the College of Consultors as one of our Mission Partners. The following update is from Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg who serves as Sospeter’s Bishop Emissary here in the United States. God is doing great things through Sospeter’s work, both here and in Kibdondo and we hope you enjoy hearing a bit about how God is using him to serve thousands with the hope of the Gospel.

The people of the region of Tanzania known to us as the Diocese of Kibondo were in desperate need of hope and salvation, and, to meet that need, God has raised up a dynamic, charismatic, evangelical Bishop named Sospeter Ndenza. He rides the rough and tumble roads into the bush and preaches the Good News of Jesus with enthusiasm. Many are coming to faith, receiving baptism, and being confirmed. New churches are being raised up and existing churches are experiencing revival and renewal. God is glorified daily as the people give praise to Him for their salvation and for the hope He gives.

IMG_5129Bishop Sospeter was well on his way building a hostel to welcome travelers to the diocese when, from across the border with neighboring Burundi, refugees began pouring in. They came with huge needs for food, housing, clothing, spiritual support, and, critically, medical assistance. Seeing the great need, Bishop Sospeter immediately welcomed the United Nations teams and allowed them to build their headquarters on the Diocesan property. He changed the plans for the hostel and began modifying the building, expanding it to become a health clinic. Bishop Sospeter also began to serve Holy Communion to all who would come and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the refugees right in the refugee camps where they live.

Over 150,000 refugees have overwhelmed the small city of Kibondo that before the influx had a population of only 25,000. The health clinic is nearing completion. A missionary doctor from Holland, Andrea Boing, has arrived and is beginning her work. Additionally, a representative from Project C.U.R.E. is traveling to Kibondo to assess the needs for medical equipment, and that equipment—worth half a million dollars—will then be sent over for only $20,000.

Please give thanks and praise to God for all He is doing through our brothers and sisters in Kibondo and through all in the Anglican Mission who support them in prayer. Bishop Sospeter and his clergy pray for the churches and people of the Anglican Mission by name on a routine basis. Alleluia!

This post has been adapted from Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg’s report at the All Saints Dallas blog.