In his book More, Simon Ponsonby makes the claim that despite the invitation from God and the constant wooing by the Holy Spirit there seems to be a reluctance on the part of many Christians. He lists seven handbrakes on the Holy Spirit. They are:

  • Bishop Philip Jonesan unexpectant heart
  • an unyielded life
  • an unconfessed sin
  • an undiscerned enemy
  • an unclaimed inheritance
  • unwanted gifts
  • unbelief because of unworthiness

In a recent discussion about these items, the handbrake of unworthiness was one that was mentioned the most. The lack of belief that God would ever give His gifts or make himself known to us. It is possible that we have not sought God with all our heart. It is possible we have sought him with a mercenary motive, desiring the gift without the Giver. Sometimes we have sought and not found and have concluded that we can never receive. More often, we listen to the evil one who is always fostering the lie that there is nothing more. If you feel that you are not worthy to receive “more,” then you are right. You are not. But His Spirit and his gifts are not based on our merit, but on the generosity of the Giver. He has more to give you. His heart is one of love for you.

Do you feel unworthy? Do you really think you are unworthy? What do you think God says about those feelings? Remember, where we find our self worth is a very important question. Is it in the appearance of having everything in control? The approval of others? Performance? Having the right family or well behaved kids? Or is it in knowing and experiencing that we are children of God? As fellow heirs with Christ, our worth to God the Father is secure. Romans 8:32 “He who did not spare his own son but gave Himself up for us, will He not freely give us all things?” Receive your worthiness and receive more of Him.