Over the next month, AMIA will be rolling out a new online directory for AMIA clergy. Built through Church Community Builder, the directory will allow clergy to keep their contact information up to date, find contact information for other clergy, and connect with others through groups.

The idea for an online directory was first brought up by the Very Rev Dr. Allen Hughes, as he was exploring ways to keep AMIA clergy better in touch. Father Gavin Pate has led the team that is developing and fine tuning the new database.

“The most basic function of the new system is to be a living directory,” explained Father Pate. “But the real hope is that by helping people connect, we will be strengthening our communities, both online and offline.”

database 2

In the coming weeks, clergy will be receiving a sign up link through email.

“We are asking people to do a few things for us,” said Father Pate. “First, we are asking them to sign up, and update their contact info and picture. Second, we are asking for their feedback on how we can make the directory even better. And last, we are asking for them to be patient as we implement these changes.”

To request access to the AMIA database, please email your name, title, and AMIA affiliation to