Father Patrick and his family

Father Patrick and his family

This month, we sit down for coffee and a chat with Father Bryan Patrick, Executive Pastor of Grace Northridge in San Antonio, TX, and one of AMIA’s Regional Vicars. Fr. Patrick began his career in business and law, becoming a full-time pastor in 2011. He is married to Lynsey and together they have four children. Pull up a chair and join us in learning about how God has been moving in his life and ministry.

 What gets you up in the morning (energizes/motivates you)?

Usually what gets me up in the morning is one to three of my four children. I find that the Lord has a sense of humor. Some of my best prayer times come at two or three o’clock in the morning after one of them has woken me up.

What motivates is the call that God has on my life. He has called me to be his son, and to be a husband, father, and pastor. It is a privilege to see the way the Lord moves in people’s lives and to see transformation in people, their marriages, and their community.

I find myself thinking “Okay God, what are you going to do today?” He is moving! He has called me to partner in that, and I have a desire to be faithful and fruitful.

 What is your daily devotional rhythm, or what does your own spiritual formation look like on a daily basis?

I don’t necessarily have a daily routine, but I tend to hear the Lord speak to me in the midst of various practices. I am always working through a “read the Bible in a year” plan. I’m almost always a few days behind, but never more than a week!

A couple of times a week, I’ll pray morning or evening prayer from the prayer book on my own or with others. Every Tuesday morning we gather as a pastoral team and say morning prayer together. We engage with the scripture of the upcoming week and worship together.

At the end of the day, before going to sleep, I spend time in prayer, lifting up my family, my community, and any prayer requests I’m aware of. I also find it helpful to journal.

 What do you do in your role as Regional Vicar?

As Regional Vicar, I am a pastor to pastors. I really treasure how as a Mission Society we put a priority on relationally connecting to each other, and part of how we do that is to give every ordained person relational encouragement and support. Bishop Philip Jones, as Apostolic Vicar, can’t do it all in person, and that is where the regional vicars come in.

Right now I have seven clergy members in my cohort. I touch base with each of them about once a month, and offer further support as things come up.  If they have questions or concerns I take them to Bishop Philip. I am also committed to praying for them throughout the week. It is a lot of fun and so rewarding to partner with them, and I am honored to have been appointed to this role.

What is the most encouraging or memorable thing that happened in your life and ministry in the last year?

For me the answer goes back a year and a few months. The most powerful thing that happened was the life of youngest son was saved. He was born with a congenital heart defect, and required two heart surgeries during the first six days of his life.

It was a crazy time. We moved from feelings of joy, to realizing everything was not okay, and then to fear and uncertainty.

Yet God’s hand was powerfully at work in the entire process. He had taken care of all the details. A leading surgeon was fraternity brothers with one of the members of our congregation, and so we got connected with the best care for our son. The Lord had prepared people in advance to operate on this tiny baby heart. He had not been resting in this area.

What person has most impacted your life, and why?

Apart from Jesus, my wife Lynsey. She is an amazing woman of God, an amazing wife, and my best friend. Except for my mom and dad, she has known me the longest and knows me the best. She has seen me grow from an immature boy at age 21, and has endured with me as the Lord worked in my heart and matured me.

She’s my lifeguard, constantly supporting and encouraging me. I am amazed by the way she loves our kids and serves so sacrificially in our home. She makes me want to continue to grow in Christ and to love her the way God loves the church.

What is one accomplishment in the past that you are proud of, and what is one thing that you would like to accomplish in the future?

I’m grateful to have been a part of leading a number of life groups in our church. There are at least three different groups in two cities that I had a hand in leading or starting for a season. These groups continue to gather under different leadership that I helped encourage and release. It is a real joy to see the lasting fruit in that and to see them continue on without me.

In the coming year, I have accepted some additional responsibility in our discipleship team. I am excited to lead a team that is investing into our life group leaders, as we dig deeper into the life that Jesus calls us to and that the Spirit gives to us. I have high expectations for the way God will move.


Written by: Ana Glass