In the second weekend of June, a casual observer at All Saints Dallas might have noticed different songs coming from nearly every room – new and intriguing songs whose words seemed oddly familiar. This mix of strangeness and familiarity is fairly normal at United Adoration’s songwriters’ retreats, like the one held at All Saints this summer.

Old Texts New TunesUnited Adoration (UA) is an ecumenical collective that brings together songwriters who desire to create and release fresh music for the liturgical church. Each year UA hosts a national conference as well as various regional events around the U.S.

Over the course of two days, worship songs based on various parts of the liturgy took shape as participants collaborated, received feedback, and tweaked their work.

Ryan Flanigan, Minister of Worship Arts at All Saints Dallas and co-organizer, says UA hopes these songs will resource congregations with a fresh musical expression of the spiritual riches found in the church’s liturgical archive.

“There is a generation of young people who want the rich history the church has to offer, who are longing for the ancient prayers,” explained Flanigan. “These texts are spirit filled, and in setting them to new music we are able to share with the church treasures both old and new.”

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Written by: Ana Glass