Margaret Hesford, member of Anglican Church of the Word in South Florida, is no stranger to hard work. In her life she has been a wife, mother, grandmother, corporate attorney, and adjunct professor. But if you ask her what the hardest work there is, she’ll tell you it is prayer.

Margaret Hesford“I’ll be the first to admit that prayer is hard work, and there are days when I’d rather go dig holes,” said Hesford. “But there is nothing more important than prayer.”

In 2003, Hesford unknowingly signed herself up to lead a Prayer Chain for the Anglican Church of the Word. She had mentioned the need for a prayer chain once before to her rector, and when she brought it up again she found out about his policy: “ask me twice, and you are it.” Since then she has managed various prayer chains for her church and other ministries.

Hesford sends out emails on a daily or weekly basis with prayer requests to those who are interested. Requests include prayers for the Anglican Mission, children, those suffering from illness, and any other requests that come Hesford’s way. Over the years, she has witnessed over and over again how prayer avails much, with infertile couples getting pregnant, Christians who were imprisoned for their faith being released, and staunch unbelievers coming to faith.

“This is God’s mission, not ours, and there is a lot more good news in the world than Satan wants us see,“ explained Hesford. “The more we know, the more we pray and the more we see God’s kingdom come.”

If you interested in joining one of the prayer chains circulated by Hesford or learning more about how to circulate a prayer chain, email her at

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Written by: Ana Glass