Training is complete at Apolo2, a two-week leadership training and development initiative in the Dioceses of Boga and Kibondo. A team of 13 Anglican Mission clergy and parishioners traveled to Gisenyi and Kibondo in late June to empower their partner dioceses in the areas of discipleship, prayer, healing, servant leadership and visioning.

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Canon Kevin Donlon reported that Apolo2, named after 19th century Ugandan missionary Apolo who helped evangelize East Africa, went well in both locations. In Gisenyi, the training began June 24 and ended July 1 with a celebration of Holy Communion. The leadership training was based on the Book of Acts and the Pastoral Epistles (1 and 2 Timothy) and focused on prayer, Bible study, baptism, confession of faith (creed), biblical leadership and church growth.

Among the 35 participants were delegates from several dioceses, including 20 from Bukavu, 10 from Boga and five from Kindu, along with the Bishops of each diocese.

“We were welcomed by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Kivu (Gisenyi) who wished us a pleasant stay in the area,” says Canon Kevin.

Highlights of the training included the method of Scripture as Storytelling from Fr. Ivan Sikha of Mission India. In another memorable moment, Amy Elliot issued a call to prayer as Servant Leaders during her presentation, resulting in the three dioceses spending time in soaking prayer together—a rare experience for them.

In Kibondo, after the traditional enthusiastic welcoming celebrations with singing and dancing, food, and formal introductions and greetings, the teachings began. The team trained 25 catechists who are students at the local Diocesan Bible School. The students received the training with thoughtful questions and helpful input, reflecting their commitment to apply the principles and practices they are learning in their cultural context. They were subsequently commissioned at the Cathedral with The Anglican Mission team fully involved. Twenty-five rectors and key regional lay leaders also attended the Leadership Training.

Saturday saw the catechist training going on the road to a small church in the Kibondo area to do a VBS with the theme “Moses and the Plagues.” It started in the morning with about 250 kids, and after lunch, attendance totaled 400. Over the course of three days, the scenario replayed at three different venues, as The Anglican Mission team ministered to a total of 1,200 children.

“The team members were resourceful, engaging, powerful and effective in their teaching and presentation,” Canon Kevin says. “What a blessing to see so many children actively engaged in one of the most dramatic storylines in the Bible.”

The team had expected only 800 children for the three days, but thanks to God’s provision, they were even able to bag up the leftover supplies for each of the 32 churches represented in the diocese.

On Sunday, the team headed for the cathedral for a 7:30 early service that involved 600 people and lots of singing and dancing.  Bishop Gerry Schnackenberg preached, and the team members were all introduced. After this liturgy, Bishop Sospeter Ndenza sent three team members to area churches to preach, concluding the amazing trip.

“In addition to planting churches and reaching the lost in North America, we in The Anglican Mission through our partnerships are also engaged in far-flung places around the globe,” Canon Kevin said. “What an incredible privilege it was to serve in this way. May God continue to bless The Mission and its work both at home and abroad.”

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