On May 12 the staff of All Saints Dallas had the pleasure of hosting Mark Meynell of All Souls Langham Place and Jack DeGrenier of Langham Partnership.

Mark InterviewOver lunch Mark discussed his recently released book, A Wilderness of Mirrors: Trusting Again in a Cynical World. We had a great time talking about the ways in which suspicion and distrust have become many people’s default approaches to the world, so that cynicism toward any authority, whether in the church or politics, is almost automatic. Mark’s book traces the historical and philosophical origins of this suspicion and offers a Christian response and hope in light of it.

As a student of the Cold War and as a great fan of spy novels, Mark’s book is filled with images and tropes from spy fiction as a way of understanding our own paranoia and suspicion of authority. It’s a very helpful book on an important topic, and it was great getting to know Mark and hear about his ministry.

The staff also discussed Jack’s work with Langham Partnership, a ministry John Stott founded to train indigenous preachers and pastors in the majority world. Mark works with Langham and travels all over the world to help train preachers.  With Langham Partnership John Stott’s commitment to gospel preaching lives on, and for us as a Missionary Society it’s encouraging to hear about their fruitful work.

Buy Mark’s book here.
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