beer and theologyEach Wednesday during June, an eclectic group of Dallas residents will sip on pints at The Ginger Man Lakewood, a pub in East Dallas, while learning about their role as engagers and co-creators of culture. These summer Beer and Theology events are sponsored by All Saints Dallas to share the gospel in their community and spread the word about their church.

Each event features the Rev. Aaron Jeffrey of Redeemer Seminary discussing the topic, “Faithfully Present: The Christian’s Place in Culture.” Aaron is an Anglican priest serving as the Director of Anglican Studies and Ministerial Formation and as a faculty member at Redeemer Theological Seminary, while also pursuing a PhD in Theology & Culture at Durham University (UK).

At the introductory event last week, 65 people filled the patio and adjacent room, enjoying pleasant evening temperatures and a chance to chat. Aaron talked about “What is culture?” and “Why should we engage culture rather than hold back?” He described how our temptation is to pull back when we feel threatened, but how we need to be shaped by the power of the Spirit and contribute to the creation of culture.

The group included people from All Saints, friends of theirs, and people from surrounding churches. The waitstaff also seemed intrigued by the content, several asking questions about where the group was from.

All Saints is looking forward to more lively fellowship and theologically challenging conversations throughout the month.

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